How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Occur For

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Anny84 - November 2

Hi there Vanessa, we are also still trying for a baby I was told if you have s_x every 2nd day you are likely to conceive as working out all your dates is not always a good thing because it can stress you out apparently. Yes it is possible to still get your period if you are pregnant, and it is also possible to get sore nipples but surely enough in a few days or so time will tell. Good luck


tinaslocombe - December 13

Hello My period is been very strange too. Ive never experienced this before. Day one was slightly heavey, dark had blood clots, so i thought it was my period, second day, i was spotting also sick in the mornin, 3rd and today its even more lighter. I dont even need to wear panty liner thats how bad it is. Can someone tell me what it could be??


lovemii187 - December 13

well my last period was the 15 th of november i had s_x on the 22 and ovulated the next day and spotted the 5th 7th and 8th of dec im 2 days late on my period i was suppose to get it on the 10th or 11 but dont kno if it could sneak up on me today so im jus patiently waiting =]


daniibabii2010 - January 16

okay. I found out about a week ago that i'm pregnant (via hpt... five of them, all positive.) when i called the doctor and told her when my last period was and stuff, she said i was about five weeks pregnant. four days ago i started spotting. its bright red but theres barley any at all (none on my panties. only on the tp when i wipe) everything i read on the internet says that if the blood is bright red its bad. am i having a miscarrige? i really dont wanna loose this baby. :/ helpp.


gator - January 22

Hi In response to daniibabii2010, I have had 3 miscarriages out of 4 pregnancies and I am sorry to say that what you are describing is exactly how each of them started. My advice would be to ring your doctor and specifically your obgyn if you have one already and talk to them about your symptoms. They will know what to do and will most likely organise an early scan to see what is going on. I feel for you as I know how stressful and upsetting not knowing can be. Good Luck


Roshi - January 22

Hi. Mine lasted for a day and it happened a day after I tested positive on was a few spots of brown and light pink blood. I got freaked out as I thought It was suppose to happen before you test positive. And it was 5-6 days after my missed period. Good lick to you


Roshi - January 22

mine happened for a day and it was brown and light pink. It happened 4-5 days after my missed period. Good luck to you


maori - January 27

Hi everyone, I have scrolled through all of your postings, going back to 2005! One thing that I have found like one other poster said, nobody ever says what the end result was. Very few and far between. Those that have...thank you! My scenario is this: I am ttc for only the first time, this month. I have a cycle of 28 days and know when I ovulate. Last period started on Jan 5, lasted four days. Peak day of ovulation was the 18th and again on the 19th. Today is day 9 post ovulation. Yesterday evening, I started spotting pink, today there was nothing until this evening, but it was more brown, but like most, very light. Yesterday evening and tonight, I have very mild cramping. Yesterday, I had a headache and today, I felt nauseous on and off throughout the day. When I started spotting, which, by the way, I never do, I googled it and it came back with the possibility of implantation bleeding. I found one medical website and it says that implantation bleeding occurs 6-12 days post ovulation, usually occurring on average 9 days post ovulation. So my promise to you, is I am due to get my period on or around Feb 2. I will write back to this forum to advise what my end result is. Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone!


TTCfor10.10.10 - January 28

I've also read all of the postings. Maori, I am having almost identical symptoms as you even the ovulation date (1/18) - except no nausea. I'm expecting my period around 2/1 or 2/2. This is our first month TTC and I've never been pregnant before. I've done a ton of research and really think I might be pregnant (although I'm trying not to get my hopes up). I took a test today (10 dpo) and it was negative, but I will continue to try daily. I just got new tests in the mail that are supposed to be more sensitive, I can't wait to use them! I will also post my outcome, hopefully positive! (Maori, hopefully we're both pregnant and will have babies on 10.10.10!)


dls2306 - January 28

I am in the same boat as you two. my hubby and I had s_x 2 weeks before my period. then I had my period for this month but it was a little different, but not enough to make me question it. well 10 days later I had light brownish/ pinkish only when I wiped. it lasted about 3 days but was only on the toilet paper never in my panties. I am supposed to start feb 2. so we will see too. I have taken one hpt and it was negative so the obvious answer is to wait and see how this next month kicks off. just hate to wait.


TTCfor10.10.10 - January 29

Well, now its 11 DPO and my temperature is on a downturn. Pregnancy test still negative. Maybe I should stop testing until my period. (Where do I find the self control?!)


maori - February 2

Hi everyone, I promised I would follow up, so here I go... I had started spotting on the Tuesday, Jan 26, not supposed to get my period until today, Tuesday, Feb 2 and usually 28 day cycle. Well, until this cycle. I spotted everyday after Tuesday and then this past Saturday, got my period. However, as weird as this is, in was only for one day and a half...Today is the day I was supposed to start my regular period and natta. I took a pregnancy test, as I've heard of stories like this and they end up pregnant. Negative. I honestly have NO idea what my body is trying to tell me, as I wasn't stressed out. So for the month of January, I got TWO periods, lucky me. And now I have no idea what my ovulation time will be for the next time we try. Gah! Anyway, TTC, did you have better luck?


WanaBAMama - June 18

hey there me and my fiance have been trying to get pregnant and i have about a 31 day cycle And i was suppose to start my period on the 22nd but instead today the 18th im experincing light brown mucus but you can only see it when i wipe. i had s_x the week i was suppose to be fertile which my fertile day was the 8th and i had s_x the 6th i was jus wondering if i could be pregnant im also very nauseated my nipples have become a little more darker im having frequent headaches my b___bs are really sore its jus the whole shabang thanks so much


TTC999 - June 21

Hi Maori, did you get pg or not yet?


laura81 - June 21

hi me and my hisband are TTC i have PCOS and so have very irregular periods. saturday 2 days ago i noticed blood in my underware and very light browny blood only when i wiped, also cramping and before i had that i had tender b___sts, i was pretty sure that i was having an implantation bleed but i took a HPT and it came back neg!! any ideas??


maori - June 21

No...nothing yet :(



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