How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Occur For

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maori - June 21

No...nothing yet :(


sa__sybc - June 21

This is to all the women out there going through what could possibly be implantation bleeding. I was due for my period yesterday.. However, I started spotting six days prior. I thought, great, is this my period starting early? Which by the way, I am very regular to 29 days. I went to the doctor to take a urine test and blood test, a day after the spotting started( so I was five days before my expected period. Well both test came back negative, and the blood test even said 0 HCG.... I still felt I may be pregnant, as I was experiencing a heavy feeling in my b___bs, and also weird twinges in my lower abdomen. They didn't feel like normal cramps.... I continued to have the spotting, it was never red, just light pink and sometimes brown. Sometimes it would be more, sometimes non at all. Anyways, long story short, I took a test yesterday, when my period was due and POSITIVE!!! From what I have read on websites, especially IVF websites. Is that sometimes, implantation can take a while, sometimes 1 day, sometimes 5.... All I know is that until that little embryo, is all settled in, it won't start producing that chemical. I know how hard it is to wait till your expected period, but at least you will have a great chance of finding out! It was soo hard thinking that my period was coming... But it never did! Also my mother experienced the same thing. People say about 25 % of women experience implantation bleeding. I think its way more! If, I wasn't TTC, I would have thought I just had a really light period, and then would have found out next month I was expecting :-) Good luck to all you ladies out there TTC! Baby dust your way


Destiny007 - July 24

the same thing happened with me . ihad symptoms of being pregnant , so itook atest and it said negative . but then a day later i started bleeding , but it didnt seem like my normal period blood . it was much lighter and redish , after 3 or say days it got almost black but still a light flow . now im not feeling really feeling the same symptoms , now just sore back , feeling a little sick once and a while and scramps but not in the usual area :S im hoping im pregnant , im 17 . ikno young , but once i found out imight be pregnant , ithought about it researched and whatnot , and now im hoping iam .


Ana.twentyy10 - August 5

I am 16 and I currently have IB. The last time I had my period was on June 24 and in July I didnt qet it, I recently got IB on the 1st of August and decided to research what was going on. I read that it is either light pink or brown blood, small blood flow and it can be taken as a sign of pregnancy. Many times it is confused with our menstrual cycle but we have to make sure of the color if its not usual red and its brown or pink it is IB.


Ana.twentyy10 - August 5

I am 16 and I currently have IB. The last time I had my period was on June 24 and in July I didnt qet it, I recently got IB on the 1st of August and decided to research what was going on. I read that it is either light pink or brown blood, a small blood flow and it can be taken as a sign of pregnancy. Many times it is confused with our menstrual cycle but we have to make sure of the color if its not usual red and its brown or pink it is IB.


ftblchick2000 - August 9

hi i know this is an old blog but i'm 1 1/2 weeks late for AF. about 3 weeks ago i had light bleeding that lasted about 4 days. only used like 2 liners each day. i tested tuesday and thursday 8/3 and 8/5 both were negative can i still be pregnant? i want to be really bad


kirstielouise - February 5

Iya x I'm 18 years old an am trying for another baby I'm just a bit confused to whether or not I'm on a period or if it implantation. It started about 3 days ago and it was red at first then went pink an today its been back to red again but I'm not heavy an have no pain. HELP!!!!!


kat12310 - June 23

Hi ladies I am new to this website and I am hoping I can actually get some answers on here before I start to freak out. I am 18 and I had s_x 7 days before my period and even though it started on time it is light, red, but I am not bleeding not as much as I did last month. I am on BC and I take it every morning when I wake up. Recently though, I was taking antibiotics which I forgot lowers the effectivness of BC. I started my period on tuesday and it is now thursday. I felt sick and dizzy a day before my period and even now I still do. When I go to the restroom and I wipe there is blood but when I look at my pad I don't feel like there is enough blood. It is red and I have had clumps but sometimes it is also pink sometimes. I just am really confused and I am usually always careful. We used a condom and the pull out method and he swears nothing came out but I am scared that there might have been a hole or something. I really need someone who knows about their bodies to calm me down. I don't want to go to the doctor cause I dont want to freak out my family if it is nothing. =/


ca__sno2 - August 10

hi dawn if you think you are pregnant go straight to your doc so you can discuss ALL your opptions.your not alone it happens more than you think good luck in what ever path you choose


dallas.nicole - August 11

Here is another story (my own) that you all might find interesting. I, personally, have never experienced implantation bleeding. But with my last pregnancy, which ended at 9wks1day unfortunately, I had no bleeding what-so-ever. Roughly a week after my period was due (4.5-5wks pregnant) I experienced light spotting for an entire day. I have had 2 mc now so far so I was certain I was losing the baby, I rushed to the er, where my ob/gyn happens to be on staff and he came as soon as he heard the news, they checked me and the baby over, everything was fine. He said that spotting in early pregnancy is common (but we all know that right?) But to add to that he said it is so common because it usually is implantation bleeding that took a while to come out, also with the cervix being so tightly closed it makes it even harder. Therefore, implantation bleeding happens in almost all women, just 30% (the standard statistic) see it before their period is due when implantation actually happens. My major pregnancy symptoms both times were EXTREME b___b and nipple pain, metallic taste in mouth that was so brief that I didn't realize it was a sign until obsessing over it after the loss. I remember brushing my teeth a hundred times because I thought I ate something gross, and I woke up 2-3 to pee at night. My cervix tends to literally fly up and in an anteverted position almost immediately after I implant as well. Mind you, I absolutely felt my babies attach, boy did I. Sometimes it was enough that I wanted to double over! My nipples never got darker, they tend to have a dark shadowy ring around the areola anyway just very erect. You could ALWAYS see them no matter how thick the bra or how warm the room temperature. Those were my immediate symptoms. after the pregnancy wad confirmed last time I was oh, so sick. I was prescribed zofran because I couldn't even hold down water. Cramps and bloating obviously and the tendon in the lower front of my abdomen, from belly b___ton to pubic bone, was easily found and protruded long before the longed for "baby bump" I've never had the privilege of experiencing. Of course smelly enormous gas, made DH jealous because he says, "dang! I can't even fart like that and I'm a man!" Haha both times I've become pregnant it wad in winter and I think its because I am always sick in the winter and taking Robitussin which, with my hours of research, loosen cervical mucous and makes it easier for sperm to penetrate. Guaifinesin HAS to be the ONLY active ingredient for this to work by the way. Anyhow, implantation bleeding, if you're lucky enough to have it when implantation actually occurs, will start 6-10dpo and can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. As long as it isn't bright red you're still in the game. You should test a week after the bleeding, if its negative and you're a poas addict like me, take another a week later if bfn and you dont get your period but you still think you're pregnant, blood test. Quant_tative NOT qualitative. I hate +/- blood tests. The call it - if its under 25 mIU/mL anyway so might as well poas. If that's negative, I'd count the first day of your bleeding as the first day of af and get to bd'ing! Try, try again! Remember: baby-making should be fun. After all, its s_x. And if s_x wasn't supposed to be fun, our someday teenagers wouldn't need birth control and we wouldn't find our teenage boys watching p___n. :p


dallas.nicole - August 11

Ps, I hate when people don't post their annoying.


prettyface - October 27

Hello, me and my husband are ttc and my period was due sunday the 23rd it didn't come but on that tues i started to spot brown blood just when i wiped. and then for the rest of that day nothing. on wed. i had a lil cramping and spotted again this time a "drop" on my panyliner. today same as wed but no cramping just a spot. can this be implantation bleeding cause i know it usually only last for 2days for what i've read. i haven't tested yet, waiting to see if i'm going to have a real cycle..i'm usually reg. and this is totally abnormal for me. what do you think ladies?


mizdani - October 28

my boyfriend and i have been trying to get pregnant for the last 21/2 years. i had my period around the 24th and it was heavier the usual. my periods have always been irregular but lately ive been getting them alot more. i started bleeding yesterday but not even close enuf to fill a tampon. when id wipe it was very light and pinkish. ive had cramps that seem like period cramps and usually on the right side. ive also been extra tired and decreased appet_te. i really hope that i am any ideas??


sparks401 - January 27

I had my period on Jan 5th and it was normal ended a week later, i had s_x twice and then a week later from my ending date of my period i started to bleed, it wasnt like a period it was brown and had a lot of mucus in it, somtimes it would go red but still not like a normal period. i havent expericend any cramps but on my period i useully spend the first 2 days in bed. So far it has last a week and im still bleed. Could i be pregant? is this Implantion bleeding?


dallas.nicole - January 27

Hi dear, when I add up your timeframe it seems as though you started bleeding 2 weeks after the first day of your last period. If you are a textbooks cycler, that would be right around ovulation. I am 7 weeks pregnant with my third pregnancy, no living children yet, and I had ovulation bleeding on a few months which were unsuccessful. Implantation bleeding normally occurs 7-10 days after conception and in some cases, women don't notice any bleeding until well after their period has come and gone. I have one experience with textbooks implantation bleeding with my second pregnancy. Mine was scant and lasted a total of three days. But it wasn't a constant bleed. It was annoying and I would have a dime sized spot of pink evergreen few hours on the first day, the same thing only red the second and then brown sludge the third day, then it was gone. 4 days later I tested positive. With this pregnancy I began my "period" which was 10 days of spotting on December 6th and tested positive on Jan 5th with hcg of 65. I have has zero symptoms this time too up until last weekend so every pregnancy is different. You know the drill, test when you're due or late and hope for the best. As much as we wish other people could say "yep! You're pregnant!" And it was true, common sense reminds us that it doesn't work that way. Best of luck to you! And ill give you a few loads of baby dust straight from the womb! Haha


rackeya - January 31

i have very irregular period but for the 5 months ive been getting them everymonth ranging from 40-50 days later. Jan 29 i spotted about 1-2 dime size and then the next day i had very little like half a dime size brown discharge and then today i had a barley noticable light baby pink discharge u prob wont even notice it but since we have been ttc ive been keeping very good attention to myself. after the pink stuff today i got nothing at all and now it night and im heading to bed... I was wondering if IB if i have irregular period and its past my expected period. My last period was Nov 23 to dec 7 2011, and i was expecting my period around Jan 15-26 i rangle from 40-50 days but i started to spot like i said on Jan 29 at night until today jan 31st. what do u guys think?????????????????????????? i will be doing a pt test tonight or tmrw morning i will keep u updated if i get replies need to no if anyone read this.



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