How Long Does It Take

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Hailey - April 4

I should know this by now! But how long after s_x can u start feeling signs of pregnancy? i had s_x the 25, 26, 27, 28 and 30th of march...


Hailey - April 5

anyone? :-[ lol


hb - April 5

it really depends on who you are I have been told... but right now I am feeling a LOT of signs! I am crossing my fingers!


shira - April 5

hey hailey. I really need a friend and it sounds to me like we are both on the same dates......I had s_x on the 26,27,28,29 and 30th of March. I am expecting my period on the 14th of April.....but hopefully for once i won't get it!!! I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 months now. I am very frustrated. At the moment i don't feel any symptoms at all- no mucus or tiredness I just feel as usual. Which is kind of scarying me because i wish i would get some sort of sign.....although i did hear many times that your first symptom is missing your period and only from there you start feeling things........


Petra - April 5

Same here, af is due the 14th. Last pregnancy I started to feel nausea in week two. Unfortunatly that ended in m/c. According to I was o around the 30th of March. I am hopefull, today I am feeling a little queezy.... Thought my b___sts felt a little more tender as well. But we'll have to wait and see. What I was wondering is when symptoms start does that mean that the hcg level is high enough to detect with hpt??


Audrey - April 5

Hailey- It depends on whether you had s_x during your fertile days or not. :) Generally implantation occurs a few days to a week after conception and the woman might notice the bleeding and cramping a__sociated with implantation (perhaps believing it to be a period). Early pregnancy symptoms start a few days to a week after that.


Hailey - April 5

Shira- we are on the same dates! I will hopefully miss AF on april 13th, so we can wait this out together! U are right, u may not start feeling like ur pg until after u miss af, so hang in there hun! Last month i convinced myself i was preggers and made my body feel certian ways, this time i am not worrying about it. However, if anyone knows my story,i still haven't gotten af! was supposed to get it march 13th. I went off BC on feb 9th, so this is prob why she didn't come. I am going to buy a HPT to test for pregnancy from last month, just incase! Audrey+ so basically, i could start feeling symptoms the end of this week, beg of next week possibly? thanks!!!



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