How Long Does It Take To Know

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anonymous - April 6

how long till your body registers if you are pregnant??


chrissy 19 weeks - April 6

The 1st day of my last period was November 16th and my due date is August that means I conceived somewhere between November next cycle should have been inbetween Dec. 16th and Dec. 20th, therefore when I found out on Dec.29th I was already 5 weeks calculate atleast 7 to 14 days after the 1st day of your last period and that is when you would have conceieved and then usually a week or two from then you should be able to tell, but it depends on how strong the pregnancy hormone is in your could be sooner or later...when was the day of your last period if I knew that maybe I could be more accurate on a specific date....


Darlynn - April 7

So about 2 weeks after you concieved it would show up on a home pregnancy test?


Dumb or Nieve - April 7

This is what I don't get...If we are supposed to Ovulate 14 days after AF how can we get pregnate 7 to 14 days after the LMP. That has always gotten me confused.


D - April 7

To "Dumb or Nieve" - I will try my hand at explaining this! a__sume we have a cycle of 28 days exactly. This means that ovulation would occur 14 days after the first day of AF and 14 days before the beginning of the next AF. Since the "first day of AF" means exactly the same thing as LMP (last menstrual period - refers to the first day of your last period), its just two different ways of saying the same thing. What I've heard the most frequently is is that if your cycle is different than 28 days, the ovulation date is usually 14 days prior to the first day of your next expected period. Did I do okay? Or did I just make you more confused?


D - April 7

One additional comment - in order to get pregnant, you have to ovulate, so we tend to use those terms interchangeably too.


D&N - April 7

D~How is a person that is irregular supposed to know when they Ovulate? Last cycle was 30 days and then the next which i am on now was 38 days after last one. I had thought I was pg because I used a opk (p Strip) and I had s_x that week and nothing happened. I don't want to be p'ing on sticks every single day. Any other way? I was also wondering if I had s_x the week I should have gotten AF could I get pg maybe then. I am on my 3rd day of AF and it seems to be lite already. Like she is going away...I usually go atleast 5 days. Could maybe something happen that should have been week? Thank You! Sorry if TMI.


B - April 7



B - April 7



D - April 7

I have not gotten into the fine points of predicting ovulation when you are irregular - rather than get into that, I figured it was easier for me to just spend more quality time with my husband every 2-3 days! There are some ladies around here somewhere who would be much better at helping you out with the ovulation prediction. I myself am a bit irregular... what I did was take the average of my length between periods (just so happened to be 28) and I tested at day 29! I guess compared to some, I'm lucky to get a positive that early, but I did! I don't think there is a lot of value in testing until your period is, though. The tests I've checked out say that they aren't accurate that early. The other thing I have noticed is, whenever I thought I might be pregnant, I started really paying attention to my "symptoms" and I would notice all sorts of differences in my periods... you know shorter, lighter, less cramping, more sensitive nipples, etc. I'm not sure if I just got good at picking up on pms, or if I just have a very creative imagination. Good luck. I hope someone will stop by and help you out with your ovulation questions!


D - April 7

Uh - that sentence mid post should have said, "I don't think there is a lot of value in testing until your period is late..."


D&N - April 7

Damn I wish I was regular and predictable...I really thought I was pg this time since I did use an opk. I think my mind was play trick on me making me think I was...Looking to much into signs.


D - April 7

Don't be too hard on yourself! The actual odds of becoming pregnant aren't really high, even if you get all the dates right. Good luck!


D&N - April 7

Is there a website that you know of that shows average dates of irregular AF's for O days? I don't do those BBT's.


Hanna - April 8

I do check my temperature and besides that I check (sorry if you think it's gross) my mucus. your mc looks like eggwhite when you are in your fertile window. Mine even becomes very watery. So when I have watery mc I check my temperature and if it drops.. I know I am ovulating. I don't really have a regular cycle either (27-30 days). I hope this helps.


D&N - April 8

Hanna~I sometimes check to see if I have any cm when I go bathroom but I am not sure since I feel like I am not a dry person. So I am never sure if it is my cm or just me being wet. Sorry if it sounds gross. I am not sure if many women are wet alot. I feel like I need to walk around with a liner 24/7. Sorry.


Kadie - April 8

I am pretty wet most of the time too, what does it mean?



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