How Long From Conception Till First Signs Symptoms Appear

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EagertohaveBB! - August 13

Trying to get pregnant and I'm just excited and impatient. I've been ovulating the past two days (I use a calender and test kit to know when) and naturally we've been having intercourse (woo! hoo!). But now, I'm just curious, if I did happen to concieve on one of these days, about how long do you think it would be before I started to see signs and symptoms?


Jess - August 9

For some women thye begin to have symptoms within hours after conception. Other women do not have any symptoms until weeks after conception. It varies from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. Some very early signs may be tender b___sts, frequent peeing, general heavy feeling, cramping, nausia and implantation spotting. Hope this helps.


April - August 10

signs can start write away and signs may start after your late and some like my friend never have symptoms. but These are early signs of pregnancy: one or more of these changes can signify that you are pregnant. You may not notice any of them at first, but still instinctively know you are pregnant because you “feel” different.  A missed period-but if your periods are normally irregular, or you are anxious, busy, or ill, this may not be a reliable guide. It is also possible after you have become pregnant to have slight bleeding around the time you would normally expect your period.  Enlarged, tender b___sts, which may tingle a little.  A strange metallic taste in your mouth.  Tiredness, not just in the evening, but during the day.  Feeling faint, and perhaps dizzy.  An increase in normal v____al discharge.  Nausea and perhaps vomiting; this may happen at any time of the day.  A strong dislike of some things, such as alcohol, coffee, and cigarette smoke, and a craving for others.  Feeling unusually emotional (because of hormone changes).  A frequent need to urinate. Hope this helps Good Luck!!!


Sal - August 10

From about 2 weeks after ocnception you can start noticing symptons - such as sickness, tiredness or stomach cramps. Some women don't experience any symptons for several weeks. Every woman is different.


trying2 - August 10

I am kinda in the same boat. I ovulated saturday and Im very impatient about finding out. The only thing is I had some bleeding today. Not a whole lot but its there. Good luck to you. I know how fustrating it is not knowing.


Guess who - August 11 Check out this board ladies! It is extremely helpful and supportive. Good Luck!


RG - August 12

I am in the same boat! I have been brestfeeding, and have not had a period in almost two years, but the other day I think I might have ovulated for the first time, and now I think I might be pregnant. I can't remember what my early symptoms were last time... But I do not feel right. I have had cramping, dizzy, and sick to my stomach. I ordered some tests online and am waiting for them to come before I test, but I am wondering what other people have felt like physically BEFORE the tested positive and BEFORE they missed a period. (Because I have not had one in years!)


RG - August 13

Well I tested today, TWICE and I am not... I would have sworn I was. Oh well:(



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