How Long Has Everyone Been Ttc

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Gia - March 3

Hi all, I'm just wondering how long you've been trying for a baby? I'm heading toward the 3 year mark soon, and I have no other kids. I'm only 25, I thought baby making would be easy at my age! Baby dust x


xx - March 3

i have been trying for 4 months now,no luck tho.but we're not always having s_x,and not sure when i ovualte so cant reallt calcualte things well. x


chriss - March 3

Gia, I feel for you. I am 32 and ttc my first child for the past seven months. Like you I thought it should be simple. Once a women becomes s_xually active, she spends all of her energy protecting herself, because most of us a__sume that unprotected s_x for just one time and BAM!! your pregnant, not necessarily so, but still not worth the risk when you're younger. It is very difficult month after month getting the same negative result on the HPT and having to break the bad news to your significant other if you were planning a pregnancy. For myself I was so scared when we first started ttc that I was a bit relieved for the first two months that I wasn't and as the months went on the disappointment started to creep up on me. We have to hang in there and forums like this are great for those of us who need support from other women who may be in simillar situations. Whether you are trying for 3 months or 3 years, the disappointment feels the same and it fills your heart with sadness. So I hear ya!! But it will happen for us, be positive and baby dust to all!!!


Tee - March 3

I am 30 .. I have been trying for 7mth(1st child). xx.. I use, the ovulation calender is great.. I thought it would happen within a mth , but I had know idea, the ride I was about to face.. Stay encouraged :-)


BABY S - March 3

I will be 36 in two days. been trying since october 2002. Like everyone says. You think that you are going to start trying and it is going to work within a few months.. Its very fustrating to keep trying and not getting any results!


Jamie - March 3

To Baby S, in these two years, have you tried very many things, like Clomid, IUD or anythig else? what do the docs say when you say you've been trying for so long? Are they able to pinpoint what might be a reason? (Don't answer if this is too personal)


Hanna - March 3

We have been trying for four months now (no kids yet). Baby dust to all of you!


baby s - March 3

We started seeing a fertility doctor in october 2004.(I know dumb waiting that long) but for a few reasons, first, insurance doesn't cover any of it, and I just figured that we were doing something wrong, or not timing it right. (boy was this dumb on my part!! I was on clomid for 6 months, threw my regular Ogbyn. As for the fertility doctor, Its many tests, Mine were ok, due have pocs,(not all of it, as I get my af every month). But my HB had Varicocele. His sperm numbers were good, just the quility... He had surgery for it just a month ago. He is getting back to normal. It could take up to 6 months for his counts to go up. Of the people that have this surgery 70% have there counts go up, of those 70%-35% go on to have children naturally. (I hope we are in the 35%!) I am feeling kinda funny this month, but will not know until sometime after the 10th... Good luck to you... If something that I know can help someone eles, I will gladly help out!


Jamie - March 3

Dear Baby S, I wish only the very best for you. Everyone deserves happiness, but those who have tried so hard, and for quite long, I think it is only correct that things work out. I wish you only the very best. Jamie


Shannon - March 3

Hi, Me and my hubby have been trying for 14 months now and I agree with you all... I was really hoping that it would happen fast. The funny thing is that I kind of knew in the back of my mind that this would happen to me. Ever since I was a kid I have worried about not getting pregnant because it took many, many years for my mom to get pregnant. I'm only 23 (what should be very fertile years) and people keep telling me that I have so many years ahead of me. But I feel like time is just slipping away, because I really wanted kids young (then they get out of the house faster!!! ;-) ) Anyways, I think I will be going to the doctors this coming month if we aren't pregnant. ( maybe this will be the month!) I wish you guys all the best!


~m~ - March 3

Hubby and I have been trying for baby # 3 since last summer. We have since had 4 miscarriages... the most recent being this past weekend. I hope we are all blessed soon!!!!


stacey - March 3

~m~ so sorry! My hubby and I have been trying since end of Oct when I went off bc. We did get pregnant in Dec, and lost it at end of Jan :( Now waitng to stat again- just have to figure out where my cycle is!!!


bunny - March 3's not that easy - is it? have tried for 1 yr 3 months and nothing happened. So I took appointment with Ob/Gyn and guess what - I got pregnant the very next month (just a week before my appointment). But unfortunately I had a m/c. After taking 3 months break I am TTC now and this is my first month. Baby dust to U all.


emily - March 3

OOOh weird. I´m also 25 and have not been using protection since my miscariage 3 years ago. I say not been using protection as we want to get pregnant but not concentrating on ovulation and details until 2 months ago. So 34 months now!!! We sound almost like the same person, Gia , lol I don´t have any other kids either!!


sarel - March 3

I have been ttc for about 3 months or so.


Estee P - March 3

Hey ~m~!! I am so incredibly sorry to hear that you've miscarried last weekend! I was wondering why you were a bit quiet (or maybe I just didn't see your postings?). I FEEL for you! I sincerely hope this was the last miscarriage for you!! What's your doctor saying about this, what could be the problem? And to answer the question of this post, I'm 31 and have been trying for 2 years 2 months. I have Endo but it's been cleared so I was told I'm good to go! Here's my advice to all of you: If you've been ttc for less than a year and you're younger than 28, keep trying until you've tried for 15 months. Then seek help. The rest of you who are older than 28, get help the minute you've given it a year of trying. DON'T waste time! That's what I did and I'm real sorry now. Don't let your doc tell you to go home and try yet another and another month, tell him to check EVERYTHING thoroughly! I had a laparoscopy done although I had no Endo symptoms, and it turned out that I did have it! They say one out of 10 women has it. That means that out of everyone that's posted to this question, one of you probably has it! So have yourselves checked ladies! That is if you can afford it. I do hope you can. Lots of luck to you all!


stacey - March 3

not to sound ignoran, but what's endo?



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