How Long Symptoms Before Af

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sarahd - June 27

Hey all, Well I got a bfn this morning :( I've had pretty strong pregnancy-like symptoms for 10 days now (nausea, br___t sensitivitiy/soreness, fatigue). They've gotten worse over the past week, and I'm also starting to pee more. (On the second day of symptoms I had some af-type cramping, but no blood and the cramps have never come back). I'm on cd 32 right now. For those of you are not pregnant yet, I was wondering how long your pregnancy-like symptoms lasted before your af came. Also, I just came off bcps - any likelihood these symptoms could be lasting this long (this strongly) from that? Anyone have any experiences? Thanks!!!


sammykjo - June 27

Is this your first month off the pills? Cause for like a little over a week, right after I came off the pills, I felt like hell. My stomach was upset, I was having fierce was horrible. I tested, but I chalked it up to going off the pill.


LillyB - June 27

I had cramping, sore b___sts and just generally felt different - but thought it was AF on her way. I would say it started about 2 weeks before AF was due, which is strange for me cos symptoms of AF usually rear their ugly heads about a week before. The symptoms are very similar to AF but my cramping seemed duller and lasted a lot longer with no signs of spotting or bleeding at all. Hope this helps. Good luck and let us know!


sarahd - June 27

This is my first month off the pills - Sammykjo - did you mean RIGHT after (i.e. the week or so after stopping? Or the week before your period was due?) I've had some of these symptoms before af was due, but never so strongly or for so long. Sounds like it happens sometimes though I guess.


JessicaC - June 27

My only symptoms of getting off bcp were no periods and some spotting. Hope you start feeling better though (and that you are pg if you're ttc).


sarahd - June 27

Thanks Jessica - I am ttc so here's hoping!


Lin - June 27

My pregnancy-like symptoms usually last into my period. For example, this last month my b___bs were *really* sore. My nipples were very tender, and they never are. I knew I wasn't pregnant, because we intentionally avoided it last month, so I didn't obsess over it at all. My period started 6 days ago and ended 3 days ago. The nipple tenderness is only now starting to go away. When I was on the pill, I NEVER had any sort of pms at all. Now I have something, whether it's cramps, sore b___bs, uneasy stomach or whatever, every single month and sometimes many of those symptoms. It's been 9 months now since I quit the pill.



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