How Many Days After Sex Will U Know If Your Pregnant

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duxz - August 27

how will i know if i will get pregnant just after s_x? he didnt withraw, how many days will it take to know if your pregy? when can i use a test strip after s_x?? i dont wana get pregnant im too young how can i remove it if posible?? email me pls>> [email protected] pls. tnx.


Lisa - August 27

duxz, You might have to wait a little while to test. What was the first day of your last period, and when did you have s_x? Don't get too upset until you know for sure. You can test usually 10 days past ovulation. (which is about 4 days before your period starts, depending on your cycle, when you ovulated and the sensitivity of the test). If you give us more info, we can try to help. Not being judgemental at all (i've been there when i was young and completely regret it), either abstain from s_x or use protection. Being young and pregnant can be very scary stuff. Keep me posted.


nessie - August 27

While what Lisa says is true, you can test 10 days pat ovulation, it is better to wait. The pregnancy hormone hCG is what a pregnancy test measures, and this hormone is not produced until implantation occurs. Implantation is variable from woman to woman, and can be as late as 14-16 days after conception. It is therefore better to wait until at least 2 days after a missed to test, and you are far more likely to get an accurate result at this time. The rate of hCG production doubles roughly every 36-48 hours after implantation, so the chances of the test accurately detecting the hormone can only increase the longer you wait. For example, I am now 4 1/2 weeks pregnant, but the test only confirmed this 3 days after my period was due, not at any time prior. Of course, everyone is different, but to avoid an ambiguous result I would personally recommend waiting to test until a missed period - the claims on the home tests are not correct in many cases (ie detecting the hormone as early as 4 days before a missed period). I am living breathing proof. Good luck to you, and I hope you get the result you are hoping for.


Grandpa Viv - August 27

If this happened this weekend, Emergency Contraception could help you. It works pretty well for the first 72 hours. Were you in your fertile zone 2 weeks or a little more before your next period? If you do end up pregnant and money is an issue, you might want to wait to test until a week after a missed period. Good luck!



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