How Many Days Can Ovulation Differ By Each Month

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shauna - November 6

hi,advice needed. is ovulation always on the same date each month,how many days can it differ by and can it start as early as day 6 cycle if i have a 26/27 dust to all you ladies out there.


b - November 7



Erin - November 7

Oh, gracious! Ovulation can differ tremendously! Some women will ovulate on cycle day 14 one cycle, and then on cd 37 the next! There are women on my board who have gone over 50 days before ovulating. The number that doesn't vary too much is your luteal phase. That's the number of days between when you ovulate and the start of your next period. It's usually the same within a day or two. The earliest I've ever seen ovulation is cd 10, but I'm sure it can happen a bit earlier... cd 6 seems too early though, since you officially have to have a temp that is .2 of a degree higher than the highest of your previous six temps in order to show ovulation... an O on cd 6 wouldn't be able to show that temp shift. Good luck!


annette - November 8

for a woman who has very regular cycles each month, she will ovulate almost on the same cd each month. even if the cd for ovulation differs a little, the luteal phase (time between o date and the next af)is constant for a woman. but for people with irregular periods , there is really no way fixed pattern of ovulation, however u can predict ovulation by using opks, and can confirm that o has occured , by charting the temps. i havent heard of ovulation on day6. but have heard of day 9-10. anyways u can make sure by using opks.


shauna - November 8

erin and annette thanks for your reply,uve put my mind at rest i guess will have to keep relying on the opks ,is so frustrating isnt it,so day 9 to 10 sounds more probable,it has been drive me crazy trying to get the right dates so many wasted months,thanks again x


yani - November 8

hi shauna, ovulation date varies everymonth. mine is a 32 - 37days cycle. ovulation happens between 18 th day to 23 rd day for me. if its 18 th days, my af is +14 days exactly. ie, everytime ovulation day+14 days is my af. its constant. but the ovulation days varies somebody visits me for 2 days or i got mild cold or even small weekend trips postpones my ovulation for 2 or 3 days. so everytime i miss the major day. i am ttc for the past 5 months. this month i am hopeful, we did baby dance just one day prior to ovulation. i have to wait whether i got pregnant this time...still 12 days to go!!! sunday(nov6) was my ovulation day. this cycle ovulation was fast cd 14 !!!! bcos i had anovulation bleeding lastcycle. baby dust to all of you ! please pray for me !


shauna - November 8

hi yani,i wish u all the luck in the world the wait is so frustrating,at least u know that u bd at the right time.i just wish i could find my o day or even near to it,ive been ttc 3 months and ive only just started to use the opk last month,have taken so long to track my cycle,will pray its ur lucky month yani,tons of babydust coming ur way.


yani - November 15

thankyou shauna !! still waiting for the resultes... how are yu doing ?


confused? - December 10

Okay ladies listen to this one! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 6yrs. I have PCOS and just found out after I had a miscarriage on Sept 8, 05. The Dr. put me on metaformen and I have been having a period every month but they have been like 24 day cylce and then 33 day cycle and so on. Well the date of my last period was November 11,05. I started taking the ovulation tests on November 24,05 which I got a positve. So since that date I have been taking a test every day and every day it has said positive ( I took another one this morning 12/10 and it still shows positve. I was freaking out b/c I couldn't believe that it is still showing positive. Does anyone have any clue what might me going on? I called the pharmacy to see if the metaphormen could give me a fals + and they said it doesn't interfere with that. I have a call into my Dr. Please give me your input. Oh also, I took a pregnancy test this morning 12/10 and it was negative :(



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