How Many Days Late Is My Wife

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wondering - January 27

For the most part she's pretty regular, but has been late a handfull of times in the past. Here's the situation - in November she got her period on 11/25, five days late, and she had been under a LOT of stress that month. In December, she got her period on 12/25. Today is 1/27 and she hasn't gotten her period yet. My question is, how many days late does that make her? PS - she joined a gym at the start of the year and has been working out daily (after a 6-month layoff) and has also started a diet, if this might have anything to do with it. Is she 2 or 3 days late? I'm not sure and I don't want to stress her out by asking her...


Mrs O - January 27

She would be 2 days late. Are yall ttc? She should be able to take a test now to find out forsure if she is. Good luck.


STOP LYING - January 27



wondering - January 27

You're right. It used to be I didn't know her cycle this well, but since she was 5 days late a few months ago, it's caused me to pay a little more attention. Just looking for some advice. That's all. PS - Mrs O, if ttc = trying to conceive... not really. Thanks.


Holly - January 27

Hey Wondering, ignore the bitter remarks. Some women can't comprehend that there are men that care about and are sensitive to their wife's life. Anyway, by the sounds of it several things could cause your wife to be late. The stress of the holidays, the gym. A woman's body is very fickle and we have a hard time adjusting. I bet she's going to get her period soon. Are you guys using any birth control?


wondering - January 27

holly. thanks for answering. I usually wear protection but there were about 3 instances last month when I didn't. Can't remember any close calls, but whatever happens, happens. We'd rather wait another year, so right now we're hoping it's just all the sudden exercise...


Holly - January 27

I'm pretty sure you're o.k. Even those of us who are actively trying to conceive only have about a 20% chance of actually acheiving a pregnancy. Good luck!


To Stop Lying - January 27

Why do you people always need to be rude? When a person asks a question than probably he needs an answer about the question and not your weird thoughts whether its a man or a woman. I get so tired of these kind of people on our forums... someone asks a question and they are really concerned and worried and here comes this group of people who find something wrong with the post.,etc.Its none of anyone business who is asking a question man or woman... It is their concern. Please everyone !!!!! Lets be nice to each other!!!! When someone has a problem or a question lets try to help them and not make them leave our forum. It has happend to me once, but not on this forum and I do not go there anymore, because when I asked a question about my health "some helpful people" began their rude conversation. I was even more upset! My husband knows a lot about me and this kind of stuff. He is the one who will sure support me (emotionally as well ) love me and worry about me. NOT the people like "stop Lying" Come on lets be nice to each other and stop this kind of talk on our forum. :)


B'Lana - January 27

My husband knows my cycle better that I do, and I am proud of him! He is very sensitive and knows exact,y when I am mad and when I am PMSing. So, Wondering, tell your wife she made a good choice ;)


wondering - January 28

3 days and counting... I ran down the list of pregnancy signs and she doesn't have any of them. She has been doing an abs cla__s at the gym so she's still very sore, and because of that she says she can't tell the usual feeling of cramps that come just before her period.


miranda - January 29

periods go by cycles of 28-30 days. not by weeks in the month. so its least likely that if her cycle lasted thirty days from 11/25 to 12/25 then her period for janurary 30 days later would have or should have been the 23rd actually. so i guess that means she's been late for six days on today. maybe even later if her cycle is really supposed to be 28 days. excercising can delay or maybe even eliminate yor peiod, sometimes diets too and also stress. if she's having preg symptoms...get her a preg test.


wondering - January 29

still nothing as of tonight but no symptoms either. maybe tomorrow we'll get a test if nothing happens.


wondering - January 30

UPDATE - well, we got the courage to take a hpt. Used the EPT Certainty test (the one that actually reads "pregnant" or "not pregnant" -- no confusing x's and -'s) and it came out "not pregnant". Still no period since Christmas day, but she kept telling me she didn't "feel" pregnant, and the only thing wrong was a feeling in her stomach like someone punched her, but like I said she just started a daily ab exercise routine. That's it. She also told me she only bled for 3 days last period instead of the usual six. The only other thing we can think of aside from vigorous exercise was two months ago she took the morning after pill the day after the condom broke during s_x. I don't know if that would mess up her cycle two months later but there's nothing else we can think of. Beside being late 5-7 days a few times in the past, and going 3 months after going off birth control pills, things are usually "normal". Maybe it will come tomorrow now that she isn't worried about anything. We'd really like to wait another year. Thanks to everyone for the advice...


wondering - January 31

well, if anyone's read our situation so far, my wife got her period today. I learned a lot though from the experience.



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