How Many Dpo Does Implantation Occur

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HLT1986 - March 6

I feel like I should know the answer to this question by now, but I will ask anyways to confirm. How many dpo/possible conception does implantation bleeding occur?? I am still in a odd situation and af is supposed to show this sunday 3/11 and today 3/6 I am experiencing BRIGHT pink when I wipe. The reason I am confused is bc I just went to the doctor yesterday for some testing so she had to "swab" in there (tmi sorry). Doesnt that usually make a woman spot for a day too? And I have a yeast infection she found and took the diflucan pill and didnt know if that had an effect either...ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!


kerilynh - March 6

unfortunately a yeast infection can cause you to spot due to irritation, plus an irritation such as swabbing may cause spotting also. I found out the hard way. That being said, Implanation can occur 7-10 days post ovulation. Good luck in your baby journey


nino3 - March 6

Well i just found out i was pg yesturday. Got a blood test to confirm. At 5 dpo i got up and when i wiped there was brown on tp but only that time then at like 7 dpo i had light brown cm but very little on my underwear. The next day nothing. On 9 dpo i had lots of browm Cm and that day i wore a pantyliner. Then nothing and yesturday, 12 dpo i got a very positive HPT. So yes, you are about the right time for IB. But the fact that you had a yeast infection... well maybe...Good luck to you.


HLT1986 - March 6

Thank you very much for your help, I didnt know a yeast infection could make you bleed either?! The things we learn on this site. By the way CONGRATS NINO!!!! Happy healthy 9months to ya! I will stick it out and see what happens.. thanks again!


Martha31 - March 6

HLT1986: the testing they do for yeast infection (and the yeast infection) can even give you a light bleeding (and not only spotting)...I used to have yeast infection very often when I was in my early twenties...your skin is very sensitive there and can easily brake and bleed. Good luck!


HLT1986 - March 7

I simply love how things can just be a coincidence all the time. In the past few days i have had dull cramps, a very plugged and runny nose, head aches....My head loves messing with me I think......Sorry just needed to let that out.



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