How Many Got Their BFP In May

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tas - May 22

how many got their BFP in may. here is my story i got my BFP on mothers day. so i will be 6 weeks on wednesday. just wondering if anyone else got there BFP in may.


Lala - May 22

I did!! I am 4 weeks 1 day today. My blood hCG today was 486! CONGRATS TO YOU! I just got my bfp on Friday (12 dpo).


BrendaW - May 23

486 at 4 weeks that is awesome!!!


Lala - May 23

Thanks, BrendaW! Actually, I mis-typed. It's 426, but that does sound good, doesn't it? Did you get a BFP too?


jasmin - May 23

hi there,it's nice to know -i'm also gonna be 6 weeks on wednesday.


tas - May 24

jasmin is this your first pregnancy. this is my third. i had one miscarriage at 18. then at 20 had a boy. and this is my third i am hoping for a girl this time. what do you want a boy or a girl


Angelttc2 - May 24

I did!! I got mine on May 6!! I am 6 1/2 weeks now.


Nell143 - May 25

I recieved my BFP on May 4th our wedding day. :-) I am now 6 weeks 6 days.


heart_nurse - May 25

Congrats girls! And baby dust to all who are still trying! I got my bfp on may 15 (day after mother's day), and I go for an early u/s tomorrow. So excited!


Kelly - May 25

Got mine on May 1, I am now 7 weeks 2 days. Congrats everyone.


tas - May 25

Congrats ladies that is exciting so many of us are due in january. what is everyone hoping for. i would like a girl


amanda0203 - May 25

got my on may 9. so about 6 weeks now (on wednesday also.


amanda0203 - May 25

me. healthy baby..ok if girl or boy. for something fun. you can go to and put in your birthday and date of conception. it will predict boy/girl..dont know statistically whether true or old wives tales. my predict Boy


tas - May 25

if you look up chinese lunar calendar that works to. A few girls i work with did that and it is right for them. so that would be something you could do for fun.


KMo311 - May 26

hi ladies, i just took a pregnancy test (actually 5 ) 3 days ago and they were all positive. i called and have a doctors apt. on tuesday. I think i am about 4 1/2 weeks. this will be my third.


Elda79 - May 26

Hi all - I got my bfp on may 18th and today I am exactly 5 weeks. My hcg level was 577 at 14 dpo. Congrats everyone - have a happy pregnancy


laura8 - May 26

i got my bfp on may 24! it was planned for but very unexpected so i was caught completely off guard. i'll be 5 wks on tuesday, due jan 30 and i am thrilled!



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