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sashley - January 20

Went to your doc for a "pre-conception" visit? Just wandering if most people think it is a good thing to do and then actually do it. Or if people wait until they're pregnant to go. Thanks!


LIN - January 20

I did, but that was only because the time that we started ttc just happened to coincide with when I was due for an annual exam anyway. I think it was worth it, though, because my gyno did a basic blood workup.


angelinakai - January 20

I did, but my dr. was like ... what exactly is it that you want. I thought he would do something or give me advice, but he didnt really do anything. i personally would wait unti you get a bfp


ursula - January 20

I did. It was a VERY good thing. My dr. advised to start on prenatals (gave me a perspcription), lose some weight ( he said it would help with ttc), and changed some medication I was on b/c it would be harmful to a fetus. I think it's smart to do that.


Marissa1 - January 20

You can buy prenatals OTC, and I think if you're healthy and don't have any concerns or questions about your health and ttc, then you can wait til the bfp. That's what I plan on doing. I'm already trying to lose a little weight, I don't need a Dr. to tell me to!


sarahd - January 20

I did b/c I needed to come off the anti-depressants I was on - I think it was worth it to talk it over with my doc and get her advice and opinions about basic pre-conception health.


VenusdiMilo - January 21

I did and I believe it WAS worth it. I too had an annual check-up scheduled around the time so I did everything (blood test, blood pressure check, Pap, urinalysis, & pelvic sonogram) I wanted to make sure my body was psychically ready. But, like Marissa said, If you’re healthy and you don’t have any concerns you can wait until you get your BFP…it’s not prerequisite at all. Good luck!!


LIN - January 21

Haha...psychically ready? Don't you mean physiologically ready? : )


sashley - January 21

Thanks for the replies. I'm not scheduled for an exam until August, so this would be an extra visit. I'm not worried about my health or anything, but I thought it might put my mind at ease that everything is good to go. But, I was a bit worried (like angelinakai) that the doc would be like "what do you want me to do?" Especially since you can get prenatals without a prescription. I don't have a regular gyno cause I have to go to a clinic (for insurance reasons) and it seems like I get someone different everytime. I don't think I would have any issue going if I had a doctor that I've known and could talk to about things. Anyway, I may just call the clinic and see what they recommend. Thanks again for your opinions. By the way, can anyone recommend a prenatal vitamin?


MelissaP - January 21

I am actually following advice to go to a "pre conception" doctor visit..I have one next week! I am a little anxious about what the doctor will say..but she is actually the one who told me to come in whenever I was ready to start a family. My periods are irregular so I think she wants to check if I am ovulating. Whatever it is...I am a little nervous..but am glad I am doing it. So go for it girl...


VenusdiMilo - January 21

Lin, bad grammar…but you know what I was saying :-) Shoot, with TTC your mind need to be right as well because this stuff can drive a sane person insane.



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