How Many People Here Thought AF Was On The Way Before A BFP

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lastchance - January 28

I am just curious... how many of you ladies that have gotten a BFP, thought AF was coming before you found out you were pregnant? Did you get AF like cramps? What was your CM and CP like? What other symptoms did you have? Were there any that really made you think AF was on the way?


Tasha - January 28

I thought it was AF, about 2 days before it was to come I was cramping just like AF. That is all I experienced, my cm was sticky white, and my cervic was easily reachable but not really low and it was still soft not hard like the tip of the nose they say it should feel like when your going to get your AF. I waited until I was a day late to test.


lastchance - January 28

And you got a BFP??? I am cramping.. but no pink or brown.. AF was due today... and my CM is like... snot... its kinda stretches... but is globby... its crazy... its like thick EWCM... and I was cramping.... but its stopped.. and I am just wet, but its all white...


Sandy81 - January 28

Hi. I am ttc. My AF is due Feb 8/9 and this past wkend had a tugging pinchy sensation in lower tummy. Also felt as if I had a charlie horse. Today I have cramps and keep feeling like something is going to come out but I am not due for another 2 weeks!


sphinx - January 28

well, I am a day late and I do not "feel" like I am pregnant. My cm is thick. Cervix feels a little high. Yesterday I got a negative test but maybe it is still too early to tell. I also have sore b___bs too but could be af coming.


JND - January 28

My ds is 17 mths now, and all I remember is major cramping like af was going to come pouring all over the floor...LOL. So cramping is good. Good luck!


billsgirl - January 28

2 days before i got my bfp i could have sworn my af was coming. major cramps and i even had no cm for a day. goodluck!


Kobysmom - January 28

Mine was just like Billsgirl. I had major cramping and even no cm. I still don't have much cm.


austynsmommy - January 28

That kinda makes me feel better. I have had period like cramps for 3 days now and I am extremely tired. I am not due for af till Feb 4 or 5th


Sandy81 - January 28

thanks :) did they major cramping last days or just bouts of it? i had the tight tummy feeling this weekend.. gas and hiccups all week and today felt like af was coming got all wet and af cramps which is very unusual considering its due 2/8. now there is nothing though. so, my question i guess is, was it consistant or...?


austynsmommy - January 28

mine is consistant. For three days now. I really hope Im pregnant. good luck to you


lastchance - January 29

Af was due yesterday... so we shall see.


icelandmommy - January 29

With my both of my sons I swore I was coming on my AF...I even tested when I missed my period, with my second and got a negative hpt. I did not find out I was preggos with either until I was 3 and 4 months respectively. I had lots of cm, some mild cramping, tender b___st, acne, leg hurt, I was *itchy lol and I mean severe mood swings. So I was like oh here comes AF and imagine my surprise when I ended up with babies


lastchance - January 29

I think I may be doomed... My CM seems to be getting less white... it was kinda "off white" a few minutes ago. It had 2 tiny specks that looked like dirt in it... so I am so scared that its AF...Sigh... off to month 5 I am afraid.


sphinx - January 29

well, it appears af has come for me... not preggers. 2 days late but here.


carmendanielle - January 30

Hello! Well, with my first child I didn't realize I was preggo until I was 7 weeks along- I wasn't ttc and I felt like af was coming every day, so I just didn't really think twice about it. I just remember cramping a lot and feeling a little tried. I'm ttc now with my second, and I am cramping and have really sore b___bs. I have a lot of cm...and I am 3 days late. Got a BFN yesterday, so I'm waiting to see if af will show her face, or if it's possible i'm still pregnant!


lastchance - January 30

Well... I thought she might have been on the way yesterday, but she never showed.... and then it seems to have cleared up... I am super tired and emotional... but that could just be AF... I am waiting to test till this weekend.... Friday, if she is still a no show, then I will test the next morning. I am officially late.



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