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D - March 11

I'm indian and there's days of the week that we abstain from s_x....we sometimes only do it like 3 or 4 times a week....does this reduce my chances of falling pregnant....we've been trying to conceive since december 04 and nothings happening yet...this month however i have had a 2 day period which is very short...but i have no other symptoms...please tell me someone whether i need to have s_x more often...thanks and baby dust to all that are ttc...


Liz - March 11

Go on and it will tell you your most fertile days. I followed my sis-in-laws advice by baby dancing every other day for 2 weeks the day after my period ended. Best of luck! Baby dust to you****


do it everyday! - March 11

you should have s_x when you want to,and not when you religon tells you too.


Audrey - March 11

If you are ttc then the best time to have s_x is during your fertile zone, days 10-16 of your cycle (counting from the 1st day of your period). Just make sure that at least one of the times you have s_x is during that time. Best of luck!


Mythili - March 11

I am also Indian D.... You said you had a very short period few days ago... When were you expecting your period....?


D - March 14

Mythili - I had my period from 28 Feb to 2 March...and it was very was right on time though...i am also now getting milky white droplets from my nipple...hope this is a good sign.


Bethany - March 14

2 days of period is interesting. You might think of looking at a pregnancy test to see if you are. Also, there's days in a woman's cycle she's more likely to conceive. These more fertile days are usually soon after the last day of a woman's period.


D - March 14

Bethany - I have done a test but is was negative...maybe it was too early...i am contemplating a blood test...but not sure yet...have been disappointed so many times before...i think i should just wait and see if my period arrives at the end of this month....the waiting is driving me insane.


Bethany - March 14

A blood test might help. I recommend Natural Family Planning Sympo-Thermal Method to help you try to conceive (or for some people it does help you know when you're most fertile to refrain from s_xual activity). I'd be happy to give you a link. It's run by Catholics, but they've been known to have Non-Catholics in their cla__ses.



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