How Similar Symptoms Of Pregnancy And PCOS Are

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Tania - May 11

Hi, I have all signs of pregnancy but my doctor today was suspecting PCOS as soon as I told her my mom had cyst removed...I am scared because I've never been pregnant and I want to be. Could someone who thought she was pregnant and was diagnozed with PCOS speak out please? Thank you in advance for sharing.


aimee - May 11

my whole mothers side of the family suffered from PCOS. i was diagnosed with it at 13 due to cystic acne, im not quite sure if i have the disorder, but i know none of them had any problems concieving and actually got pregnant easily! but it depends on you and your body. i dont think pregnancy symptoms and pcos are anything a like at all. pcos usually is diagnosed if you have any of the following : irregular menstrual cycles, facial hair, cycstic ovaries, overweight and so forth. do a search on the internet for more info about this syndrome. good luck!


Tania - May 12

Aimee thank you so much! I do have irregular periods and I gained couple pounds in my lower abdominal area recently, but other than that I don't have any symptoms which I read on the net about, it just that the doctor was suspecting it (this is after I said my mom had cyst on her ovaries removed) and I was surprised and scared. Do you always have abdominal pain? I appreciate your help a lot. Good luck to you in everything.


aimee - May 12

your welcome Tania! i only get abdominal pain during ovulation. thats about the only time my abdomen is sensitive, and hurts to touch at the lower part of it. the chances of you getting PCOS are good considering your mom had it. i dont know much of your background history, but i do know that you CAN concieve with this syndrome. good luck to you!


littlemrsb - May 13

Tania, I read up about PCOS last year when I was having some problems. The doctor never determined the cause of my problems, but the result was no ovulation... I was really sad that I might not be able to conceive, so I decided to educate myself and do whatever I could to be healthy. PCOS as are many things, is related to an imbalance in hormone levels. Your insulin greatly affects this. So, I started eating using food combining, which helps keep from turning foods into starches which boost your insulin. You have to stay away from simple carbohydrates (as they rich in starches) but it is easy to maintain a balanced diet with fats/protiens and complex carbs and veggies. It might be worth your time to look into and it would definately be worth your time for your health. Sommersizing is an example of food combining, however the concept is very simple. For your encouragement, I lost 30 lbs. while eating like this and I started ovulating 6 months later. I am now 4 mos. pregnant with my first baby!!! Good luck to you!


Alma - May 14

PCOS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are nothing alike. PCOS does cause you to gain weight easily but many women get cysts and don't have PCOS. PCOS means you have many cysts on your ovaries.


Tania - May 14

Thank you all for your time and responses! I did go to the doctor and they measured hormonal level as well as glucose. So I had normal level of sugars, but LH was elevated three times and FSH was also high. Well these two hormones are elevated in PCOS. I did ultrasound yesterday and results should be back next week. I asked lady who does ultrasound if I have abnormalities but she responded that she is not allowed to say; so she smiled happily (???) and let me go.... Littlemrsb I am so happy for you, take good care of yourslef and thank you for your advise, I'll try it.


Tania - May 15

Hi Aimee, I hope you will visit this site. I am going through agony of waiting for my ultrasound and I wanted to ask if your mother for example were on the medications to correct here hormonal levels before she got pregnant, or it happened by itself? Thanks.


Aimee - May 16

Tania. my mother concieved naturally. it took her no time what so ever to get pregnant. she was pregnant even before she got married! it took me only 2 months of trying to get pregnant, too. i hope everything works out well for you. keep me updated.


Lynn - May 16

They are nothing alike at all. There are only 3 symptoms similar to pregnancy-no periods or irregular period, abdominal pain, and no ovulation. Other symptoms for PCOS are being overweight, excess hair, and insomnia. If you are having other pregnancy symptoms like nausea, enlarged b___sts, etc., then it is NOT PCOS.


Karen - May 16

If you haven't already, see a reproductive endocronologist. I have been under the care of one since my diagnosis in my early 20's, with the goal of one day having a baby. I am now three months pregnant. I know that God had a lot to do with this =), but I also believe with all my heart that being under the care of this kind of specialist enabled me to control my insulin levels, lower my weight, and conceive! I wish you all the best of luck!


Tania - May 17

Nurse called me today and said that results of my ultrasound are consistent with PCOS diagnisis...I don't believe this is true. I am 5.1 high and my weigh is 126 pounds. I am not overweight but in recent weeks my belly became bigger and more round in the lower part and I feel terrible in the evening (nausea comes in the evening) I don't have any hair growth...I understand I have LH and FSH hormones elevated like people with PCOS but that doesn't mean pg can be completely ruled out, like in Aimee case all in her family had no problems to get pg without treatment...It is not that I am desparate to have a baby but my symptoms are not resembling PCOS...I fear to take birth control pills again because I am not convinced with my diagnosis...Thank you so much for all your responses...


GRACE - May 21



Kim - May 22

Grace- your are so right about the symtoms. I get dizzy alot and sometimes I have nausea in the morning or at night. I thought that I was pregnant, but turns out I was'nt. Im TTC right now and its so difficult.


Louise - June 2

my b___sts grew in size (by three cup sizes) and are often very painful. my doctor did hormone tests as he thought I might have PCOS but they came back normal. Now I have no idea what is wrong and I have to wait 2 weeks til I can see my doctor again. does anyone have any idea? [email protected]


Kellie - June 2

If you are trying to concieve, share this with your Dr. and ASK ABOUT METFORMIN (glucophage). I have PCOS and have had since my early 20's. I could never take BC pills because they made me sick. But when I expressed an interest in TTC, my Dr. put me on metformin and I concieved within a year. I am now pregnant with my first child. There are some similarities in pregnancy and PCOS, but I never thought I was pregnant until I WAS. There are definite differences. I wish you lots of luck and seriously - ask about metformin!


Tania - June 2

Kellie thank you so much and congratulations to you!!! Louise, I have somewhat the same situation my FSH and LH ratio is 3:1 which is abnormal, but the key hormone DHEA-S and testosterone are normal...My pg symptoms are flactuating from time to time and I am not sure what s happening to me anymore. I got prescribed BC pill like Zovia but I am scared to take them since I don't know what is exactly wrong with me...



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