How Soon After Iui Could You Get A Accurate Result

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Jaybo - February 9

Hi ...I am 46..have three older children and i am starting part 2 of my life..I had 4 mature folllices after gonalef for 6 days...was given ovudril, and then 2 consecutive iui's.. on 2/1 and 2/2... my br___ts are sore and heavy, my face broke out, i have been feeling pressure and cramping on and off. My progesterone was 40 when they tested me on 2/ it possible to test before 2/15 and get an accurate result...this waiting makes you feel nuts!


MelissaP - February 9

mmm....not sure Jaybo. I a__sume its possible. I think the most sensitive tests say you can test up to 5 days before a missed af. if you really cant wait that long.. I would at least wait until Monday. But you could have multiples in there and hcg could be rising at a faster ya never know. Good luck to you!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 9

Jaybo, since you had the ovudril it is best to wait to test. Because you can get a false result. What I do is go to the Dollar tree and I get like six test and every third day I test to watch the HCG shot go out of my system. Once I get a negative I wait for atleast 3 or 4 days and test again. That way you will know that it is pg HCG and not the fake stuff. I hope this makes sence. I have had 13 IUI's without success but just now started with the HCG shots. Good luck to you and I hope this helps.


Jaybo - February 9

thank you girls for your answers....i didn't know that what they give you could cause a positive result on a test...13 iui's must be a very strong lady mommyof 3stepmommy of2...this one time is exhausting me emotionally and physically!All I know is that my b___bs feel reallly different but i guess it could be a result of the hormones they gave me...I am sure that I am going to buy a test on Monday , but I won't be excited by the result either way because I guess it could be a false reading...did I mention that I also feel so foggy...melissa they did warn me that there was a risk of multiples because of the 4 follies but then they say unlikely at my age..good luck to you as well



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