How Soon After O Did You Get Signs

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cc - November 7

How soon after O did you get signs of pregnancy? What signs were they? I am at day 3 after O and was just wondering. Thanks-


Deb - November 7

I got a BFP at 12dpo and I had NO signs. I am now 17dpo and still have no signs! You really shouldn't see any symptoms until after the egg has implanted because it is the HCG hormone that causes you to feel symptoms. Implantation typically takes 6 - 12 days past O, and then you need some time for the hormone to build up in your system. Most women don't really feel symptoms until they are 6 - 8 weeks pregnant. I think a lot of people imagine symptoms (I was one of these too!) because they want it so bad. Or they confuse normal cycle symptoms with pregnancy symptoms. When you are ttc, I think we just pay way more attention to our bodies, so we notice every little twinge. Just relax and wait and start testing a couple of days before AF is due. I know...easier said than done, but you will drive yourself crazy a___lyzing every little thing. Good luck.


HI - November 7

I knew at about 7 days after O. I walked into Krogers and I could smell the mold in the potato bin. I got all teary right there in the produce isle. Took me till day 10 to get my +++. Good luck to you!!!


cc - November 7

Thanks ladies. I do think I am imagining things. When you want something so bad you swear that "somethings different", but it really isn't. Anyone else?


Lorian - November 8

Hi cc I think I am in the same boat as you, I have read all of the early pregnancy symptom descriptions and of course I believe I have 70% of them!!!! I o'd on Oct 21 and I am 2 days away from Af so I am going bonkers!!! I do have very sore b___sts, abdominal cramping and feel like there is something hard behind my belly b___ton, kinda to the point I can't lay on my stomach, but who know's it could all be in my head !!! Have been trying off and on for a few years so I am praying!!! Nice to know I am not alone in the " imagination " dept. Oh well 2 more days of praying!! Take care and Good luck.


coco - November 8

i am ttc after a miscarriage last month at 8 weeks. based on that pregnancy, my b___bs felt sore after about a week post-ovulation. I thought it was my period coming because it was a similar feeling to PMS but i got a BFP 3 days after period was due. 10dpo i also became noticeably moody and irritable. good luck to all of us!


bump - November 8



Lorian - November 10

Hey cc, I am 20dpo as of today and got a BFP today, I think !! As far as the symptoms I was describing in my previous entry I felt the sore b___sts as early as 7dpo and just like coco I chalked it up to PMS. Around 12dpo I had the strange sensation in my abdomen, now at 20dpo the nausea has kicked in a little. Have you gotten AF yet or is it still MIA?? Let us know!!! My doctor confirmation is tomorrow, but after 10 years I'm still praying!!! Good luck to all !!!!!!! xoxo


kris b - November 10

HI all- I am not pregnant(that I know of), my af isn't due until the 20th, so it's way to early to test. My last af was oct.24 and my cycles are usually 27 days long. But for the past 3 days I have been so irritable. Like every little thing my husband says or does I get angry at. Anyway, it's too early for PMS symptoms I think. I used to smoke-but I quit back in March- but I've been so irritated lately the only thing I can compare it to it craving a cigarette and not being able to smoke. For any former smokers you will understand what I am talking about. I guess I'm just wondering if any of you think I could be pregnant, or if af is just coming early this month and this is why the early moodiness??? I would obivously take a test, but it's just so early. And because it's so early I don't think it can be pg, but who knows!


Laura - November 10

Hi ladies, I am 12 dpo. I started getting terrible headaches last tuesday. I am tired, sore b___bs, nausea, and constipated. I am feeling confident. I had a m/c in Sept. I was 7 weeks. I hope this is our month!


cc - November 10

Thanks ladies. I am not due for AF until Nov 15th, Tuesday. I want to test now but I should wait. I got headaches al lsat week and now my b___bs feel enormous and my lower belly is totally bloated. Again, could just be PMS, so I am going to wait and see.


DJ - November 12

Laura, any update. I had headaches last week as well. No AF but no BFP either day 28 for me was Nov 10th. I had a m/c in sept. I was 5.5 weeks. hoping this is my month


Laura - November 13

Hi DJ, I tested friday 11/11. with a dollar store test. I got a BFP! Symptoms are still here and strong!


sara - November 13

Congrats to those who got a BFP!!!Yeaahhh!!Well I am 7 dpo and waiting.I am starting to have some symtoms(b___bs hurting,tiny bit of nausea,lower backache.)I was just pg last month and had the same exact symptoms at about the same time(I m/c'd).I O'd the 6th and had an "implant dip"yesterday and my temps are back up today so I am feeling really confident about getting a BFP.Good luck girls with your new lil ones!!


cc - November 13

Congrats Laura! I am only 9dpo but I tested when my temps went back up from 97.9 to 97.2 to 98.1 but got a BFN. Do you think itis too early to tell?


Laura - November 13

I have never checked my temps. I would say wait until 12 dpo. So implantation has taken place.


DeeJay - November 14

I have the same question! I have had a weird kinda pulled muscle feeling in my abdomin, and I had 3 days of VERY light , pinkinsh spotting, about 5 days after having s_x. I have a very irregular period about 2x a month (20 day cycle) and have been trying a fetility moniter, but that is all over the place. I just got a prescription to try Clomid, but today should be my period, and so far nothing. I also noticed a small amount of a clear saliva'ish fluid on my pad ( no odor, nothing like that)? Does this mean anything or am I joining the imagination club too?! It really is hard not to when you want something!



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