How Soon Can I Test After Implantation Bleeding

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Gia - June 2

I think I am having implantation bleeding. How soon can I take a hpt for it to show and accurate result?


karen - June 3

gia--how long have you had implantation bleeding---what is it like? color..etc...i am going through the same thing i have been having brown spotting,wipesfor a week and 1 day..i think i will go directly for a blood test.


MG - June 3

I don't have an answer, but I would like to know as well. I am going through the same thing.


hi - June 3

Gia, how do you know it's not a period? Implantation bleeding is actually not very common. Spotting around time AF is due is a little more common. But only spotting, anything more and chances are it's your period. If you are spotting around time AF is due, you can test. Baby dust to you and MG>


jue - June 3

Hi, I went to my dr today and I am due 30th jan 06, I had implantation bleeding at 5 dpo and lasted for 4 days it was only when I wiped that I noticed it, I spoke to my dr about it and he said about 80% of women get it to some degree and is quiet normal, a long as you are not getting severe cramps and it is bright red almost like clots if you do get this then you need to see your dr asap, normal ib is pink or brown and can be anything from only noticing when you wipe to it staining your pants/pad. you can do a hpt anytime from 10 dpo but it is better to wait until your af is a day or 2 late. good luck and baby dust.


beg to differ.. - June 3

Congrats to Jue but the doc is not right, that 80% of women get it to some degree. As he is in the UK he's not a gyno, so he might have got a little carried away with his numbers. Yep, it can happen but only in around a third of all womens pregnancies. Just so that Gia doesn't think it's abnormal not to, cause most women don't get it.


amy - June 3

jue did you have ib with your older to kids i have been pg 4 times but never ib so just wondering if it happens sometimes and not other we are ttc again thanks


MG - June 3

I am only seeing a little bit of pink when I wipe, so it could be IB...I'm in a situation where I have NO idea when AF is due. Not a clue. (My last period lasted for two months!) I tested a few days ago, and it was BFN. If what I am experiencing is IB, when would it show up on a test?


karen - June 3

to MG--- what do you mean your last period lasted 2 months,,,,?


Jessica - June 3

best to test a full week after your period is supposed to start. if you are preg it probably won't show being its too early & hcg levels might not be high enough


Kel - June 3

I would wait at least a week before testing. Doesn't IB happen about a week after o? Your af is likely due in a week or so.


MG - June 3

Karen- My last menstrual period lasted two months...two months of heavy bleeding! It was the worst. I went to the doctor, and they couldn't find anything abnormal. It was the weirdest thing. Needless to say, I really have no clue where I am in my cycle right now, except that I am now having a tiny bit of pink/brown discharge that only shows up when I wipe. Could be AF, or IB, or...?


Gia - June 3

MG-sounds like IB to me!! Good luck!! I think it is af....grrr! Curse her! LOL Baby dust to all ! Better luck next month!


karen - June 4

to mg--good luck--i have been going through the weirdest thing a week and 2 days of brown wipes, some spotting --but i think in my case it is a strange af.


MG - June 4

Well, it has turned into full fledged AF for me as well. Darned screwy "intuition"! Oh, well. It was only my first month ttc, and I got the Clearblue fertility monitor, so that should be fun. Baby dust (:


kate - June 4

now what is real story about implantation bleeding---is it just when you wipe or as some doctors claim that you actually show some dark brownish blood goo on pads ???? anyone....


to gia - June 5

I just wanted to let you know, not to burst any bubbles or anything, but given the info. on your two month period it probably is just a period. This has happened to me several times where I will have extremely long cylces and the next cycle or two or three will be just light spotting. Evidently your hormones are just off right now. Your cycle is probably trying to straighten itself out. You can test if you'd like, but I bet money you are not preg. Good luck to you!!!



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