How Soon Can Symptoms Start

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jo - May 2

Hi everyone. This is our first month ttc, I went off the pill April 9th, af from 12 to 15. It's May 1 and I'm feeling really sick to my stomach, almost feels like my stomach is really queasy and I have this feeling of a lump in my throat...also ewcm, and I have been having slight cramps off and on for the past few days. I thought maybe this was all side effects of going off the pill, and I didn't know how soon pg symptoms could show up. What do you all think?? Thanks!


dee - May 2

what is ewcm


Julie - May 2

Hi Jo, I think it could be possible. I am in a similar situation. My lmp was April 10th. I usually ovulate early around day 10. So if we're pg, we're probably about 2 weeks past conception. I've been having lots of cramps. Doesn't usually happen for me until after AF starts. Also a little queasiness. I think if you have symptoms, act as if you are PG and take a test in a week or two. How long are your cycles generally? Mine are about 25 days....


Steff - May 2

ewcm = egg white cervical mucus


jo - May 2

hi julie....well I'm not sure how long they will be now that I'm off the pill...I was on it for 5 years, and af always came either the tuesday or wednesday of the inactive if I go by that, I should start May 10, but I really have no idea I guess. My cramps are in my lower back and lower tummy, and usually I only get cramps when I start af, and I haven't had anything yet not even any spotting. I keep going to the bathroom thinking it's going to start, and there's nothing there. It's off an on though, like right now I am not cramping at all. I tried to watch my cm this month, to see if I could tell when I ovulate, but it started probably the 21 of April and hasn't gone away. This is my first month ttc and first month off the pill, so I don't really know what my cycle is like every month yet. It's frustrating! When are you going to test?


BUMP - May 3




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