How Soon Can You Tell People That You Are Preg

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alex - March 3

for those of you ladies who have children already, how soon did you start telling people after you found out. I know that they recommend three months just in case of miscarriage, but if you have a miscarriage wouldn't you want your family to know anyway??


Hanna - March 3

No children yet, but I do think that you have to decide for yourself. If I would be pregnant (and believe me.. I am hoping..) I would tell my closest friends and parents. If it does go wrong you have some shoulders to cry on..


alex - March 3

Thanks hanna, that is what I was thinking. I mean I don't know how you can even try to hide something like this from your close family and friends. Plus I will be so excited I will want to tell EVERYONE so at least being able to tell a few people makes it easier. I think I am pregnant right now, just waiting a few days to take the test, but all signs point to yes, so hopefully........... Baby dust to you!!


anyone else - March 3

anyone else??


Lauren - March 3

Personally, I would wait until 3 months, because that's when you're out of the most dangerous zone. Once the 12 scan had pa__sed, and everything was okay, then I would start to tell people. X


niki - March 3

i had my first sonogram at 9 weeks, once that said everything was ok then i started to tell everyone.


Bunny - March 3

I agree with U Hanna. Strictly closest family & friends. If something goes wrong (God forbid) I would prefer not to talk about it with everyone unless they are very close to me. Lots of luck to U Alex. Let us know how it goes.


niki - March 3

Also i think the reason most people wait to tell there friends and family because if you miscarry it will hurt them too. Everyone gets excited over the birth of a new baby. When everyone starts to find out and if you miscarried it could be very painful for you to be in a situation where some comes up to you and congratulates you and then you have to tell them you miscarried. But once you have your first sonogram and the heartbeat is good, thats the time to tell everyone.


Shannon - March 3

I was wondering about this as well and I always thought that it would be good to wait but I just don't think that I could do that. We have been trying for so long and so many people ask us every month, we would have to lie to them about it which I don't want to do. I would tell everyone and if something happened I would want everyone around me to know why I was so depressed. I believe there are negatives and positives with everything and in this case (with me) I think the positives out weigh the negatives. Just my thoughts! Good luck! :-)


mw - March 3

I have two kids. One is 10 and the other 8. Each time I got pregnant, I always made sure that I told me family. I waited a little longer to tell my friends and church. Hope that helps.


chriss - March 3

I don't have a child yet, but am ttc. I was thinking that it would be ok to tell family members. I might tell one or two close friends but then I would wait until the three months before telling everyone. I know that there is a chance of m/c but, wouldn't you want your family to know this also?? why would you want to go through that alone?


Lyla - March 3

I don't want to tell anyone until Im out of the first trimester. On the other hand you should do what makes you feel best.


momof3 - March 3

I told everyone as soon as I found out (3to4months)



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