How Soon Do Blue Veins Appear

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Andrea - October 26

Hello everyone. My name is Andrea and I am new to this site. I have read many of your posts for a few days before I decided to ask a question. I noticed blue veins on my br___ts on October 19th. The first day of my last period was September 30th or the 1st of October. I cannot remember which day it was. I believe the first. My husand and I had intentional unprotected s_x on October 16th, 17th and 18th. On the 19th I started noticing the blue veins. I have to honestly say I never noticed them before my period before and did have them with my daughter who will be 5 yrs old soon. Though, I cannot remember how soon they appeared after conceiving her. I have had some cramping and took a First Response pregnancy test this morning and had a negative. I also read online that the First Response test is not the most reliable. Therefore, I went out and bought a Clear Blue Easy digital one to use tomorrow morning, the 27th. Do you think I should wait another day till the 28th to use it? I also have been getting tired lately. My br___ts are not sore but appear larger and the areola seems much larger as well. Anybody have any imput? Suggestions? Or predictions? My husband and I are hoping we get a big + soon on one of these tests. Last pregnancy I conceived 1st try. I am now 33 and will be 34 in November. I'm just hoping it happens soon.


Ms.Oops. - October 27

I am wondering this, too. It seems a little early to me, but weird things happen all the time! Good luck. I hope soeone else will tell us when they got blue veins.


shelly - October 27

hi andrea and mrs oops ,i am due for af on 29th im really hoping its not going to show up,i noticed blue veins on my b___sts about a week ago and im sure i remember getting them this early with my son but hes 9 now tho,ive got really bad backache ive had it 4 the last week but no cramps yet,like u andrea i conceive 1st try last time im 35 now and this is 2nd month of trying,when i conceived my son i just went 4 day 13 and 14 of ov and i was lucky ,im not sure of how to work out the lutuel time,did u try the test,ii hope u got lucky,af dosent come 2m i will try to resist doing a test b4 29th.have got sort of tummy b___terflys maybe just nerves


gwen - October 28

Hey Andrea, as promised I found your post. Your symptoms sound very promising. I hope you do get your bfp. And early, but incase I forget, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! Talk to you later, and good luck.



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