How Soon Do You Start To Feel Nauseous

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Alexis - June 1

How for along are you when you start feeling nauseous?


Bump - June 1



to Alexis - June 1

Some lucky ladies never do and the pregnancy is fine. Others find they have no nausea until they are around 7 weeks or more, and then it really hits them. It typically fades around weeks 12-14, though everyone varies. If you're not feeling sick yet, count your blessings, he he.


Miss JKay - June 1

when you are nausious and vomit do you still feel nauseous for the rest of the day? Or does it go away?


Jeblina - June 1

When I was pregnant, I didn't start feeling nauseous until about 8 weeks along, and it finally went away at about 12 weeks along. It was the WORST was worse than being seasick....I just felt like junk ALL day long, even if I did throw up, I still went through the rest of the day feeling sick. The one thing that I did find that helped was eating M&M's.....I couldn't eat much besides saltine crackers and drink Sprite....but M&M's really seemed to help settle my stomach and give me some energy. Hopefully you don't have any morning sickness!


Kris - June 1

Ihave also heard than using those wrist bands for seasickness also work well. I think their called SeaBands>> hope thats of some help!!!!


JPJ - June 1

I have been nausuas for about the last week and I am due for af June 3rd. I don't get to the point of throwing up but I feel like I am going to at which point I race to the bathroom only to have nothing happen. Certain smells make me want to puke, like spaghetti sauce for some wierd reason. And my sense of smell is very sensitive. I feel nausea off and on thru the day and I have found that tums and saltines help.


Miss JKay - June 1

Me too. I feel like i am going to vomit all day long.... last week i couldnt stop eating.. this week i cant eat anything... i feel so dizzy as well... maybe its because im looking at this computer screen too much! lol is anyone having funny feelings in the lower stomach area?


Lenk - June 1

I'm somewhere between 4.5-6 weeks and haven't started to feel nauseous yet. My Dr. said it's usually between 6 and 7 weeks, but some people don't ever feel nauseous.


Jeblina - June 1

I tried the SeaBands....they didn't work for me......I only threw up about once every other day, but would run to the bathroom numerous times each day only to have about 5 mins worth of dry heaves......there was a certain smell in my kitchen that would send me running to the bathroom every day....horrible....I remember being just MISERABLE....and then, one day, I woke up and was back to normal. I felt new again! I too got dizzy, and my doc said it was because I wasn't eating as much, and that's when he suggested the M&M's to me, to keep my blood sugar level up. I feel for anyone going through morning sickness....most people don't realize that women don't get it ONLY in the morning. I hope that yours goes away quickly!!!


. - June 2

bump up


SeaRune - June 2

When I was about 4-6 weeks along I started to feel nauseous. My first child the nausea lasted almost through the entire pregnancy.


BUMP - June 5




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