How Soon Getting Pregnant After BCP

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sarah - May 19

I got off BC at the end of april, had my normal period, and since last week have experienced nausea, major cramps, and the past few days tender br___ts. also im very constipated (tmi) i know that i have a small chance of getting preggo right after BC, or could this be just after affects of birth control? it seems like alot of after affects .any ideas, please let me know! thanks!!!


KEEKEE - May 19

Have you taken a pregnancy test??? I know people who missed a pill and got pregnant. I think its possible for you to be pregnant. Every women is different. You have some good pregnancy signs. I would take a test. Good Luck and baby dust!!


Chriss - May 19

I agree with Keekee. You may have gotten lucky and gotten a BFP right away, for some women it can take awhile after getting off of BCP. Good luck and I do hope that everything works out as you wish.


viv - May 19

I went off the pill April 16th, and had a normal period, and then starting about 2 weeks into that first month off the pill I started feeling really nauseous, and my nipples started hurting like a week later, and I was getting cramps off and was just side effects from going off the pill, I started 3 days later than I normally would have if I was on the pill, but I took an hpt and it was negative. When you go off the pill it can make your hormones go crazy and do some weird things to your body. So it really could just be that....BUT, I also have a friend that went off the pill and the very first month off she got pregnant...she miscarried at 6 weeks, but before she even had another period she got pregnant again and now she is between 8 to 10 weeks along, she will have the ultrasound the first part of June to be, if you miss your period, I'd just take a test and if it's neg wait a week and take another one if you still haven't started. It could be pregnancy or it could be from going off the pill either one...good luck!



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