How Soon To Start Telling People

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al - June 13

Just wondering what your thoughts are on how soon to tell people that you are pregnant...I do not have an MD's appt until June 29th...


Tiffany - June 13

It is a personal decision. When I got pregnant in March, I told a bunch of friend right away. When I miscarried, I wish I hadn't told them. I just felt funny. Now that I'm pregnant again, I'm waiting til the end of the first trimester.


Amy - June 13

i told everyone and m/c to but now pg again and i still will tell everyone cause if it happen again i don't want to feel like no one knows what i'm going throw how far along are you?


kEEKEE - June 13

I waited until my 4 month. Just incase something happen to the pregnancies. It was easier that way. Congrats and Good Luck!!!


Jessie V - June 13

The day after I got the second pos. hpt. I was so happy that I couldn't keep it to myself. My Mom has wanted a grandchild ever since the moment I said "I do" With in the hour my hole family knew. It gave me a good support group till I got to the Dr.


al - June 14

I just found out on Sunday that i'm pregnant. I think i'm going to tell my immediate family this weekend and very close friends. I'm in a wedding in two weeks so I think it may be beneficial to tell the bride and groom just in case i'm not feeling well... as far as work goes..i'm not sure what to do. In one sense..i feel like telling them now cause i am going to stop working once the baby is born and maybe work part-time..what do you guys think?


mandie - June 14

As soon as i found out in may i told mymother in law and she started calling everyone under the sun,,,,the next day i from that experience i will not tell anyone until i am at least a couple months along the next time!!!


Jenn - June 14

AL- I wouldn't tell work yet. I know where I am - if I told them I was pregnant and not coming back they wouldn't pay me maternity leave (we get 100% of our pay for 8 weeks). You can go along with the pregnancy; go out on maternity leave - and if you get paid maternity leave - collect that - then call your company and tell them your not coming back. It's not the most honest thing to do but I feel like I put enough time into my job that I deserve to be paid while I'm out - whether I return or not. Good luck.


Casey - June 30

I would definitely recomend waiting until at least the third month - because again you never know what can happen (at any point, let alone the first few months...). You should do what feels comfortable to you. It exciting to want to share your most exciting news, but I'd wait just a bit longer if I were you. Best of luck and happiness with your pregnancy!


JC - June 30

As far as not going back to work after maternity leave... I have a horror story for you. My company made a woman who did that give back the last two weeks of her paycheck since she 'unfairly' took the maternity leave with no intention of coming back. I talked to HR and Accounting and they said if she had only come back to work for a week or two she could have avoided paying the $ back to the company. Just investigate before you choose. Good luck with things.



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