How Soon To Ttc After M C

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brandi jo - March 7

my m/c was 10/22/04.can i try to get pregnant?what are my chance of having a m/c again?


enail - March 8

You should probably ask your doctor, it depends how far along you were when you had a m/c. I was only 6 weeks, so my dr. said I should wait for one normal cycle and try again. My m/c was in Dec. Got a normal af in Jan. So tried Jan, and again Feb. Hoping it worked this time, but so far, no luck. Best of luck to you, I know how sad it is to have m/c.


chriss - March 8

Brandi Jo, I have asked a few girlfriends that I know have had m/c's and apparently right after you have a m/c is seems that your are more fertifle or likely to get pregnant. Unless your Doctor has told you to wait or there was something seriously wrong, I don't see why you can't try right away. I am still waiting to hear from my Dr. about whether I just had a m/c and if it was, then I unless he tells me otherwise, I plan to try again next month. Good luck to you!!!


wendy - March 8

most doctors say to wait 1 to 2 cycles because you need to give you body a chance to heal the uterus lining and start to build it back up. My dr said to wait 2 cycles just to make sure everything is ok with the cycles. They also say that the first 3 months after your miscarriage are your most fertile months and if you know when you ovulate you have a great chance of getting pregnant. Your chances are about the same as the first of having a another m/c and you should take the same precausions. Depending on what the reason was on why you had the first they watch you closer for the second. Most women have a 50 to 60 percent chance of having a m/c on their first pregnancy. Good luck to all. Enjoy trying to get pregnant. Have fun.


emily - March 8

I was told to wait 2 or 3 months after my m/c to try again. HAhaha that was 3 years ago and nothing!!!!!! :)


chriss - March 8

My doctor didn't tell me that I should wait a few months. Just gave me the test, told me he didn't have alot of faith in the HPT's and that he would call me with the results. I guess you might say that I had clots when I started bleeding, I'm not really sure, it was really dark though, more brown, not red. (sorry if this is tmi), the bleeding stopped overnight on Sunday, but I have been spotting a little today and still have cramps in my abdomen.



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