How Soon Will Your Stomach Get Hard Mine Feels Weird Help

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Nikkele - September 12

Hi, I think Im pregnant. My period is supposed to come Saturday Sept 11th. I have had ALOT of unprotected s_x on so many days Ive lost track. Definetly had s_x on my supposed most fertile days or when I was ovulating. But I just went off my pills around August 11th or 12th. I had a full period a day or two after I quit the pills. Im not sure when to take a test because ya im supposed to get my period saturday according to the pills schedule, but before I got on the pill, I had irregular periods. Plus Ive been told your period usually comes late when you come off the pill anyway. So is Sunday a good day to take a test? Also Ive been feeling soooo tired, very hungry, very minor br___t tenderness (only occasionally), and I feel really weighed down like the way you feel when you have your period, like gravity is pulling my stomach down lol its weird, and Im peeing soo much. I weigh 105 lbs, and Ive been small like that all my life, I was wondering if my stomach could be hard or feel different this early. Like it hurts sometimes when I push or feel in places. I get aches and somewhat cramps sometimes. I feel bloated like everyday for the past week. And I get slightly nauseated after I eat. How far would I be if I am pregnant? My last period started on the 14th and ended on th 21st. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP I GET I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!


Lori - September 11

Hi. It's certainly possible that you could be pregnant but here are some things to consider. You probably ovulated sometime around Aug. 28th. Ovulation typically occurs about 14 days BEFORE the start of your next period. You typically only ovulate for about 24-36 hours. Since you just went off the pill, your symptoms could be attributable to your body readjusted to a more natural state. When I went off the pill I found that I was much more affected by my periods, i.e., more tired, more cramping. Your hormones need time to readjust. Another big factor could simply be psychosomatic. If you THINK you could be pregnant, your mind has a way of feeling pregnant. This has happened to me more than once. My abdomen felt weird, everything seemed different. But it was all in my head. Your best bet is to buy a home pregnancy test--First Response claims to be able to give accurate results 5 days before you miss your first period. If it's negative, wait a few days to see if you do get your period. Good luck!


Christine - September 12

Hey, take a look at the "how do I know if Im pregnant category" you might find it quite interesting...


April - September 12

When I went off the pill I had different periods. My mood changed.. because my ormones changed. Just the same if you are pregnant. Your body may not be back to normal enough yet to ovulate. But some women miss 1 pill and become pregnant. It depends on the person. Also another thing to take into factor is, and this is how I got pregnant. Sperm can stay alive in you for up to 5 days!! This means that if you had s_x before you ovulated... doesnt nessa__sarily mean it had to ave been done on the day, you could still become pregnant. Alot of the times pregnancy is confused with your time of month. With me I was off the pill for a good 3+ months before becoming pregnant. I just knew I was pregnant and knew it wasnt my mind telling me otherwise. I cant explain it but I just knew.. and I was told by someone. That u just know. That and I had a bad lower back pain.. period late by 3 days. By than I knew. Also I find that now. I am goin on 8 weeks. I get sort of sick after I eat. Like a neasea feeling. Id get tested. Good luck!



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