How To Chart Temp

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JEN - January 25

Hey ladies- we have been ttc #2 for 6 months w/no luck. I have been using opk's to determine ovulation, but I would like to start charting my temp also...can someone give me the run down on how to do this and what kind of thermometer works best? I need something else to obsess about LOL!


ginger19 - January 25

Hi Jen - there are a lot of really good websites that will explain how to chart your basal body temperature, but a really good one is - they have online charts with tutorials for free. You will want to buy a BBT thermometer - and if not that, then definitely a digital thermometer, because you will be charting temps to the nearest tenth of a degree - 97.8 for example. There a lot of factors involved, so I would definitely do some research online (a simple google search will get you a TON of info) but to summarize, you will be taking your temp. every morning before you get out of bed and looking for patterns in the charts. Good luck!


L.j - January 25

Hi, i don't know how to monitor my basal temperature but there are many good tips that can tell you how to monitor signs that can indicate that you are ovulating which you can find on most good fertility sites or if you google ovulation signs, This i found extremely helpful myself. There are lots of ways you can tell your ovulating which i never knew about myself. Hope this is of use for you.


Naomi98 - January 25

Jen, it's a great idea to chart temperature. It may only need a few cycles before you know when you ovulate - it depends on how regular you are. But it is very addictive, I warn you in advance! is a great website, as ginger says, and you can set up a basic account for free. It definitely beats keeping a pencil and chart under your bed! I always just used a regular gla__s mercury thermometer which was fine but occasionally required a bit of squinting! I think the BBT thermometers are a bit more expensive but great if you can afford it. So basically, the idea is that you take your temperature at the same time every morning, right after you wake up, before you get out of bed. Of course, that's in an ideal world! There are always days when you sleep in, or have a boozy night or get up to go the loo or whatever, which can send your temps off a bit. But as long as the majority are measured at the right time (give or take 20 minutes) you should see a pattern emerging. Every day put the temperature into the fertilityfriend and it will create a chart for you and identify when you ovulated. Good luck - it's amazing what you can discover through charting. I learned I have low progesterone which I never would have suspected otherwise.



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