How To Check Your Cervix

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Helplessy hoping - March 7

I have been seeing that a lot of people on here saying how they checked their cp. How do you do it and how do I know if it's softer than usual?


calista - March 7

For me, I wash my hands well, make sure your finger nails are short and start at the beginning of yoru cycle after AF ends. You can either put one foot on the toilet and do it, which is what I do. You are to put your finger all the way up until you reach it (if it is reachable and just feel) Then record your data, if you are, as indicating wether it was easy to reach, soft, or hard, what is closed or open. It takes practice to see what you are looking for, so do it everyday and you will get familiar with it. High and open usually occurs before ovulation if I am correct, low and closed and hard is post ovulation. Hope that helps a bit...


Lin - March 7

I do it several times per day - every time or every other time I pee. Always wash your hands first. Just insert your middle finger into the v____a and feel for the cervix. Before and after ovulation, it should feel fairly firm, like the tip of your nose, and the opening should just feel like a dimple. It should be relatively easy to reach at these times. Around ovulation, it should get soft. Sometimes it can feel firm underneath and soft like your lips on top, and other times it can be so soft it blends in with the rest of the v____a. It should also start lifting up out of reach and get to its highest point the day you O. The opening will feel slightly more open, though this is not always easy to notice. There's no sense in trying to interpret cp after ovulation, as it's almost always different. When pregnant, it will eventually go high and soft, but this happens at a different time for everyone and can also happen if you're not pregnant (did for me once and had me convinced I was).



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