How To Get Your Dr To See You Without A Positive Test

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Michelle - February 23

I am getting really frustrated. My husband and I are TTC. I ovulated on 2/11 and my AF was due on 2/22. On 2/21 I started having light bleeding that was mainly brown with some bright red. I have continued to bleed very lightly and of the same type. This is not normal for me. I also have been having headaches, my br___ts have been sore and enlarged longer than normal if it were PMS, my nipples have extra bumps, have enlarged and became darker, and my cervix is still soft. I have taken several ealry pg tests with negative results. I called my Dr. on monday, but they will not see me without a positive home pg test. Am I pg? How can I get the Dr. to see me?


tiffani - February 23

May I suggest a little white lie? Call and tell them you got a faint positive, that way, if you aren't pregnant, it can be explained away.


MandyD - February 23

Michelle, need to find a new dr! If you have any reason to believe you are pregnant, they should see you no matter what results you got back on your hpt. I'm sure they know, as well as we do, that hpts aren't always accurate. That is ridiculous...if you ask for a blood test, they should let you have one. That is crazy!


Becky - February 23

My dr didn't want to give me a blood test, but I persisted. Luckily, the nurse I had didn't get a positive home test either, so she knew that it could happen. of course... I haven't taken the blood test yet (I can go in any time w/out an appointment for that). I am so scared of getting a negative... :(


Michelle - February 23

Thank you all for your advice. I am going to take another test tomorrow. If it is still negative and I am still feeling pg, I am calling and getting in even if I do use the little white lie. Thanks again. I would still like to here from anyone else.


SugarPie - February 23

I had a couple of doctors refuse to see me without a positive result. Tell them that you are having sharp pain where your ovaries are. Then tell them that you're bleeding abnormally. NEVER MENTION PREGNANCY TEST as long as you're on a phone. Tell them once your feet are in the stirrups. Much love******* P.S. ~ Seriously get another doctor. Would you want this person helping you through a pregnancy?



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