How To Tell If Pregnant While Breastfeeding

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Trish - July 19

Hello! I was just wondering what certain signs of pregnancy while br___tfeeding are? We have an almost 8 month old beautiful daughter who is primarily br___tfeeding. The usual symptoms of missed period and enlarged br___ts are not available, as the mentral period has not yet returned and br___ts are producing milk. Thank you for your help!


Michelle - June 10

Although I can't speak for all women or all pregnancies, I got pregnant while b___stfeeding my daughter when she was 10 months old. I am now 12 weeks pregnant. My first sign that something was wrong was when the nausea came on all of a sudden and tiredness. I still thought, however, that the pregnancy test would be negative when i called the doctor. Well, that wasn't the case. I only had one cycle since b___stfeeding my daughter and then got pregnant directly after that. I still do not have the sore and swollen b___sts, other than when she first latches on. I hope this helps.


Dell - June 15

Hi, My baby girl is one and I got pregnant while b___stfeeing and hadn't had my period return. My stomach felt swollen, but I didn't have any other symptems. I don't think you have time too! he he he Good luck, babe!


Alicia - June 22

My baby girl is almost 11 months old and I think I might be pregnant again. I have felt really tired and nauses. My b___sts are not sore but I am still breatfeeding. I haven't taken a test yet I think it still might be to early. My question is if your nursing do your b___sts get sore or not?


Shelly - June 22

Usually your b___sts don't get sore when you're nursing. Many women don't get sore b___sts their 2nd pregnancy even if they are not nursing any more with the 1st child. You might want to go to a La Leche League meeting in your area. Their website is there are answers to lots of questions there.


ann - June 27

i think im pregnant, my boy is just 5 1/2, my period returned to normal after 3 months. but i've missed it for a month now. I feel tired, I have increased appet_te, urinate often and always want to sleep, the same signs I had with my last pregnancy, but im still b___stfeeding.


Sarah - July 1

My son is 6 and a half months...I GAVE UP b___stfeeding at 8 weeks. I am definately pregnant again (5 weeks or so) and my b___sts only got sore like my period was coming for 1 day. Actually...they didn't get very sore my 1st pregnancy either. My cycle has still been all haywire the first signs for me were fatigue and eating, eating, eating!!!


Mary - July 7

I have a seven and half month old boy. I just found I'm pregnant. My symptoms were tiredness, nausea (at weird times of the day) and cravings too!!


Suzanne - July 8

My son is 11 months and am not sure if preg again or not. Already took 2 HPT and both were negative and that was at the 45 day mark from last period. I am on the mini-pill so periods have been erratic. I am hungry, but have tons of energy and hardly want to sleep. We'll see.


mohini_murti - July 19

hi ladies im a 25year old b___stfeeding mom and i have an 8 month old lil boy I think im pregnant it is very exighting but i really wanted to lose my pre-birth weight from the last one before this happend,the weight chart says im 10 pounds over my normal healthy body weight range I am horrified i won't beable to lose it? any tips from any of you? please please please.....



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