HPT Ideas

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amy w - May 5

i know that this might sound rediculous, however i was just sitting here thinking to myself...'why dont they make a HP HCG test' after all...you can test your blood sugar at home this way now, and at the doctors office, they have a little kit that can test rather quicly ( if i remember correctly ) why not make something like that availiable to the public? this might just be so silly of me to be thinking about, but i feel that it would eliminate having to go to the doctor all of the time, and take a lot of worrying away from us women who are ttc, just thought that i would share my thought with you ladies about this, does anyone have any feedback...oh...what if this becomes a wonderful idea, and i dont get the credit for it, and miss out on my chance of being rich lol. thanks ladies, and have a great day! good luck to us all who are ttc and congrats to those who are pg!


kristie - May 5

that would be really nice and to be honest with you it would be no more expensive than buying urine test because we have been trying to concieve for 5 mths now and seeing how I am not patient, I have spent a lot of money on prego test over the last 5 mths. I am sure that I could have bought something like that by now. It does make sense.


amy w - May 5

i know what you mean, i go through tests like they are going out of style lol...good luck to you!


*** - May 5

thats stupid...get a life!


amy w - May 5

thank you *** that is really sweet of you!


jas - May 6

i agree with you 100 %. that is a good idea. HPT's are going out if style..lol...good luck


Paula - May 6

I can attest to that. I feel it is and has been time to create an easier was to test for prog in blood like O-kit and hCG in blood. I am tired of purchasing kit too. I have been ttc for 7 months. I go to the Dollar Tree to get my tests, but I just want a BFP.


Becky - May 6

I've often thought that too... but I think the Dr.'s would hate it. I mean, they (can) get frustrated now with us coming in every month and worrying about levels. If everyone could test at home, there would be women calling in all the time worried about it. "My levels only went up by 180 instead of 200...what's wrong?" HGC varies SOOO much... While I would LOVE to be able to find out at home, I also think it would end up driving us all nuts.


amy w - May 6

hi ladies! i agree with all of you, so it looks like there would be positives and negatives to it, but hey at least it would be a change from the normal peeing on a stick right lol. that is awesome linda that you and your husband have talked about the same thing. who knows with in a few years, it might be out on the market, and we wont need them at all, because we will have all gotten out BFP! and not ready to try for another baby just yet :). talk to you all soon, thank you for your responses.



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