HPT Negative Due To Period

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Jade - February 14

AF came on time, though a bit lighter. I'm not sure if it's due to stress ( believe me, i've got lots of it!). It's been 3 days since AF, so I took hpt. Turned out strong negative. I have no other symptoms otherwise, but I just don't seem convinced for whatever reason. Has anyone had a regular AF, negative hpt, no symptoms, and still turned out pregnant??? Pleas let me know!!!


Mimi - February 14

I am wondering the same, is ur belly sticking out too ? i have read some amazing stories on this site about women being pregnant with no or few symptoms, -ve HPT's and regular AF, i'd say trust ur instinct , huh ....?


jade - February 14

No, my belly's not sticking out all. It is crazy how many variations there are with pregnancy!


Mimi - February 21

ur right, it is crazy ! This would be my 3rd pg, and there is absolutely no comparaison with my other 2. Crazy uh ?


Kerri - February 21

Jade, Hi, I have the same problem as I had alot of pg symptoms and my last so called period was only a day and a half long with only a brownish colour off and on and no red flow which is unusual for me as I had more spotting than what I would call a period but I had a blood test done and came back negative and two HPT negative but still don't seem convinced either but not sure if I am pregnant or not, will keep you posted. Have pd like cramps still as well.


Ja-Meka - February 21

I'm not sure, but I do have a coworker that last month she had a one day cycle and then this month she took a EPT the EPT said no, so she scheduled an appointment with a regular family doctor thinking maybe her Iron was low or something well come to find out she took a PT just to be on the safe side and it was Positive... This was only one day from her taking the EPT so don't always trust them.. Right now I'm having symptoms as well and my cycle is suppose to be here on Tomorrow I feel the light cramps, but I also know that maybe I could be 3-4 weeks so I have to wait as well, I'm wondering could I have one Full last cycle since it's only 3-4 weeks I've heard people have a cycle for like 6 months before it stops



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