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mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 9

I purchased some HPT's from early pregnancy test.com and well I am now 15dpo 14dpiui and my temps have stayed up. My normal LP is 13 days but when i test with these test I can see a faint line but then it turns grayish after the time limit. Have any of you ladies experienced this problem with these test? I just dont know what to think. I have called my doc and if af does not show by monday i will be getting a beta done. I am just confused and hoping some of you ladies can help me out. Here is my chart addy home/babygirlwanted


Kelly11 - February 9

YES I have. They have given me false positives and a ton of evaporation lines so I stopped using them. I always go with first response because that is always what's given me a true answer. Good luck though...I really hope you get a beta done and it is positive!!!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 9

thank you so much kelly these test are really confusing


sarahd - February 9

I'd take another test soon, as it looks like the last test you was a few days ago, and your hcg levels may have just been too low. I personally didn't have problems with online tests, but I've heard of other people who do.


preggoplease - February 9

If the faint line has color and had it within the time limit it may not be evap. But it shouldn't turn gray if it had color at all, so it sounds like evap, so please take a FRER and let us know!!! Good luck hun!


BrendaW - February 10

I think those are the test i had gotten one time that always had a faint line in them in the test time and had color. my sis even took one she has her tubes tied and no way she could be prego and there was the faint line in the time frame with color. i wouldnt use them.


BrendaW - February 10

I use webwomb dot com prego test they are supposed to be 10-15 miu sensitive. i only got a faint positive once but i think that was a chemical pregnancy.


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 10

thanks alot brenda I will look into those. I thought something was wrong with them and since af showed up today I am guessing they are way wrong. So i wont be using them anymore.



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