HPV Genital Warts In Pregnancy

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krissy - January 12

Hi! i am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second child. recently i have noticed some itching "down there" and today i noticed i could feel couple little bumps. so i went searching for an answer and found out about HPV. what i was wondering is if you do have HPV durning pregnancy could it make me go into preterm labor? i see my dr. on wed for my normal monthly visit and i am going to ask her about it. but what i dont understand is if i do have HPV then why hasnt it showed up in previous pap smears? also i could have only gotten from my current bf. we have been together for about 3 yrs now(my first child is with him) i guess i just dont understand any of it. so if someone could clear things up for me i would appriciate it.


jezebel1018 - January 12

hpv itself does not show up on paps and routinely, they dont test for hpv as it is as common as a cold. what would cause them to test for hpv would be if your pap came back as abnormal....ascus or higher. if you have had normal paps and no sign of genital warts then they dont test. as for the bumps, it could be an external yeast infection, my gf had that during her pregnancy. they arent necessarily warts. and if they are, precautions can be taken during deliver (if you are having an outbreak) to help prevent the baby from contracting hpv. understand though that there are many many strains of hpv, low risk strains cause genital warts and high risk strains cause cervical cancer & some do nothing at all except come and go. i got hpv (not the genital warts kind, the cancer causing kind) from my now husband. but the cancer causing kind is a whole different ball of wax than the genital warts kind. good luck w/the dr & hopefully its just a bit of easily treatable irritation. also know that hpv can remain dormant in the body for many years so even if you did get it from him it doesnt necessarily mean he has done anything wrong :)



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