HSG And Pregnancy

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knpandrews - November 2

Hello. I had a HSG done on Oct. 19, 2005. My estimated date of ovulation was Oct. 27, 2005. I had s_x on the 24th, 25th,27, and 29th. I started cramping right around the 26th, it went away and now its back. Its like a light period cramp. I am not due for my period until the 9th. Any insite? Does a HSG increase your chance of pregnancy? what can the constant cramping be from?


yellowfin - November 2

Sorry i dont know the answer to any of these questions but maybe someone else can help you. Good luck.


bluebaby421 - November 3

I dont know...Maybe some one will be kind enough to help you out.


Deb - November 3

knp - i just had an HSG done on monday the 31st. My doctor said you have a 30% more chance of getting pregnant within the next 3 cycles. She said it is amazing how many people get pregnant that cycle the test is done! So I will pray for you that it worked! I am hoping this is my month as well!! Good Luck!


For Deb... from KNP - November 3

Thank you so much. Good luck to you as well. I will pray this works for us. Keep me in your mind if you feel like chatting. Email me at knpandrews@hotmail.com


Deb - November 4

KNP - ANytime girl! I hope it helps us too. I will be sure to keep you in the loop on how things go this month. I'll shoot you an email. I talk alot on a trying to conceive thread and everyone is sooo supportive! Come join us if you want! My screen name is gratton16. (http://www.conception-tips.com/viewtopic.php?t=256&start=135)


shannon - November 4

kp - i am on the EXACT cycle as you! i had the hsg done on the 19th...and now i am waiting for my period! which is due the ninth. I have already tested twice - negative of course. i cant stand the wait! good luck to you - keep in touch!


Deb - November 4

Shannon best of luck to you! I had mine done on the 31st of Oct and am due for af on Nov 20th. Please be sure to update us on how you are doing and if you are successful. LOADS of baby dust to you! How did your test go? Were you able to see anything or was there any blockages?


to knpandrews - November 4

i had one done at the end of august, and got pregnant in sept...however, i know that it is not always the case that women do get pregnant with in the first month, sometimes it can take a couple of months for it to happen. i wish you all the best of luck, and take care. oh yeah! have you tested yet, or is it too early still? good luck!


knpandrews - November 4

I ladies...You all are the greatest. Its nice to have someone i can chat with. Dont get me wrong though, i love chatting with my hubby but sometimes i feel like all he hears is blah blah blah blah... like what i am saying to him makes no sense. I love him, he is my heart but i think its a great thing to have something like this to chat on. I am still cramping... not a bad one, just a light annoying one. I have not tested yet because i am due on the 9th but, i am so tired of seeing the negative sign. You see became pregnant in Jan. 05 and M/C in March of 05' It tour me to pieces. Now it has been almost 7 months since we have been trying again and we have had no luck. Docs have done every test for me and every test for my husband and all systems are a go. It is so hard every month. Some months i just crawl myself up in a ball and cry when i get the curse every month. ( i call it the curse) But some months i am ok with it and say maybe next month. But anyways... all you women can feel free to write me at knpandrews@hotmail.com Also for shannon, keep me up to date on what happens, it seems that we are definately on the same cycle. For Deb... what was that website. i could not get to it from the link you posted. Can you repost it if you can? Thanks ladies and i look forward to talking to all of you. Good luck!!!


Lisa L - November 5

To knpandrews. I have not had HSG done, but it sounds like I am on the same cycle that you are. I, too, starting cramping very early around the date of ovulation and my AF is due Nov. 9. I have been having mild cramps ever since. I also had a MC back in June. I am taking Clomid 50 mg and this is my third month taking it. Baby dust to you!


patty - November 5

what is an hsg ? is it a painful process ?


For Patti/from jada - November 5

A HSG is a procedure to see if your tubes are blocked in anyway. Its no a very painful procedure. However it does vary from patient to patient. My procedure did not hurt but then again i had no blockage. Some women that have blockage have more c___ping then normal. It just feels like bad period cramps.


newby101 - November 6

This site is great. It has made me feel so comfortable and made me feel as if i have someone else to talk to. Knpandrews, i totally know what you mean about talking with your husband. Sometimes i feel like my husband has a radar now a days to block me out because it seems all i do is vent about how i want a baby. But i am glad that i have you women to chat with...


Deb - November 7

KNP - go to http://www.conception-tips.com, then click on trying to conceive..then the first post..November. We are all under there. I hope you are right about this month! I will be sure to let you all know. I am due for af on NOv 20th.



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