HSG Hysterosalpingogram

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Celia - April 8

Has anyone had an HSG? Am supposed to have one later this month and could use all the info I can get!


Celia - April 9

Is there anyone out there that has had this procedure done?


Melissa - April 9

I had an HSG done several months ago. It is a bit uncomfortable, but once it is over you kind of forget about it. The doctor will put a small catheter like tube in through your cervix. My doctor had a difficult time inserting this tube and almost gave up. It was quite uncomfortable, but it became more strange as things went along. After the doctor gets the tube up there, he has you straighten your legs (strange feeling since you still have a bunch of equipment attached to you). There is a tv screen that takes xrays of your fallopian tubes and uterus. He injects a dye into the tube which makes you cramp a little bit. Then he will b__w air through the tubes (this makes you cramp a lot). If the dye flows through, then your tubes are clear and the procedure is just about over. Finally they take everything out of you. Like I said, while it is happening it is very uncomfortable (but liveable). Once it is over, you will forget it ever happened at all. Good luck! I hope all is clear for you.


Jamie - April 9

Why do they do this procedure? I have never had that done before. Only an pap smear.


Melissa - April 9

They do this procedure to make sure your fallopian tubes are clear of any scar tissue or other blockage.


Jamie - April 9

Oh okay, maybe I should have this procedure done since I have been TTC for almost a year now. and nothing.


Melissa - April 10

Jamie, just ask your doctor about it. Most OB/GYN's don't have a problem setting it up. It is not the most comfortable procedure though. If you don't feel a real need to do it, I would avoid it.


Celia - April 11

I heard that you are 30% more fertile after the test is this true?


Melissa - April 12

You would only become more fertile after the procedure if the air that b__ws through your tubes clears some of the possible blockages out of the way. I didn't have any scar tissue or blockage, so the test didn't impact my fertility at all. You need to be careful though. Did your doctor put you on an antibiotic just prior to the test? It is easy to get infections that may cause you to become infertile with this procedure. My doctor made me take antibiotics just prior to the procedure and for a few days after if I remember correctly.


Kimmy - April 12

I have had one and what they do is shoot dy through your tubes to see if there is any blockage it is a bit uncomfortable feels like bad cramps and I know myself I had a little bleeding afterwords the dr used a catherter to shoot the dye you will be all right Bless you and much Baby dust to you.



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