HSG Success Stories

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Deby - November 1

Anyone ever had an HSG and gotten pregnant shortly after? I just had one done yesterday and am praying for a better chance to conceive this cycle. I am due to ov this weekend. Please share. Thanks!


Jenn - November 1

My doctor told me that I was "fertile mertyl" after mine because after an HSG and no signs of blockage or scar tissue your tubes are so clean - that it's a very high rate of pg. I had an HSG test done in June and am still waiting to conceive but everyone is different. I also had major surgery in May so the doctor thinks it was a shock to my system. I'm also realizing that being 36 my cycles are different every month they range from 28-35 days now but the doctor said that is normal. They tested my eggs/follicles, ect.. and everything was perfect so it's just a matter of timing ovulation. If you have regular cycles and know when you're ovulating I would say your chances of conceiving this month are HIGH!!!!!! Best of luck to you.


to deby - November 1

i had one done at the end of august, and i conceived in september, however, it delayed my ovulation by a lot, and i didnt find out that i was in fact pregnant until the 4th of oct...20 days late for af...LMP being the 14th of august, and the HSG done on the 26th. good luck to you, i should however mention that NOT all women get pregnant right away, it might take a couple of months...good luck to you! and i am sending lots of baby dust your way! p.s. keep us posted on what happens with you ok!


Anna - November 1

I had an HSG done in the beginning of September but they didn't find any blockage. I wasn't having AF at all before HSG and now I have has it twice! We've been ttc for 2 months (now that we finally can!). I'm really hoping this is the month. My doctor also told me that it can improve your chances of getting pregnant since everything is "cleaned out". Definitely not a fun procedure but it's worth it if it works! Good luck. Let's keep eachother posted.



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