Husband Has Performance Issues

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cathy - February 28

We have been trying to conceive for a few months now and all of a sudden it is taking my husband forever to reach his climax. He said i am putting too much pressure on him. Could that fact that he is stressed out keep me from getting pregnant?


bump - February 28



chriss - February 28

Cathy, if your husbands stress is affecting his performance then that might throw a wrench into your plans. You should probably find out why he is so stressed. Is he ready to be a dad?? Maybe he is just realizing now that "hey we're trying to have a baby" and he's freaking out about it. You never know.


Cathy - February 28

We have a 2 yr old, and we both want another child. I know stress can affect a woman conceiving but can it affect the sperm on the guys end?


chriss - February 28

I'm not really an expert about this, but it shouldn't affect the sperm if the guy is in fact climaxing. After that it's about timing and luck.


Cathy - February 28

Thanks Chriss.


SugarPie - February 28

Some while ago I read how stress can affect a man's libido, but also their sperm. I don't know if it "cooks" things down under or what. Either way...I have found that the easiest way to make the baby making process go smoother is to stop thinking about "making a baby" and start putting more focus on the love you two have for each other and the pleasure you're both giving to each other. It is so difficult when you get disappointment after disappointment to create a child. And honestly, spice is more necessary in baby making. The pressure really could kill his libido. Why don't you take a night out and make it about him. Totally bring out the little silk ties and do the things that seriously turn him on. When you're not stressing about the "moment" it does make making love grande! Much love***


... - February 28

My husband can never finish when we try in the morning, So I've given up on morning s_x.



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