Husband Has Vasectomy But I Have Symptoms Help

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carby14 - December 11

I'm aware the chances of me being pregnant are very slim, but I've been experiencing a few pregnancy symptoms. First, a little background; I'm 22. My husband (age 35) had his vasectomy about six years ago when he was involved with his now ex-wife. He went back for his first sperm check but did not go to his second. We've been together for four years, and we've only been having s_xual intercourse for six months (we were married six months ago, and we waited to have s_x until we were married.) We want to get his vasectomy reversed, but of course the cost is so expensive. We are hoping I get pregnant miraculously until we can afford to actually go ahead with the procedure. Anyway - I believe the first day of my last period was either October 31st or November 2nd. I haven't gotten my period yet. Two weeks ago I started feeling nauseous. I threw up once, but I thought it was because I hadn't eaten a lot that day. I also have been feeling dizzy/light-headed. Sort of like how I feel when I don't take my anti-depressant medicine (which I've been taking, so I know that's not the problem.) I don't drink caffeine, so that can be ruled out as well. I've been experiencing abdominal cramps the last two or three days, but still no period. Appet_te has been all over the place; two weeks ago I didn't feel like eating at all, and lately I feel like eating a whole bunch. B--ts are NOT sore or swollen, and the areolas are still the normal color. I don't want to take a pregnancy test yet because I've taken them twice since being married (not recently) and they've all been negative. I'm not under any kind of stress. I'm a normal weight. Help?


Grandpa Viv - December 11

Dollar Store tests are so cheap it's hardly worth the worry not to take one. While a missing period and the signs you have are curious, it could be that they are caused by something else, and if that is the case, then you need to know about it. Take a test or two, then visit the doc! Good luck!


Camsmommy - December 11

sometimes when we are hoping so much for something our minds play tricks on us. the obvious is there,,,,ur husband has a vasectomy. :-/


carby14 - December 12

Camsmommy: Yes, I'm aware that the odds are slim, but there was an entire thread here on this forum dedicated to pregnancies after vasectomies. A lot of women out there thought they were pregnant even though their husbands had vasectomies, and a few even became pregnant after the fact.


Camsmommy - December 12

wow....i did not know that could happen. try first response they're great tests



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