I Am 13 And Need Help

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kaci - November 15

hi i havnet had any s_xual contact or nothing, i go out with alot of guys, im a cheerleadr, and popular, i havent had my period since august, and its now november, can sombody please tell me whats going on im afraid to ask my mom so would som1 be kind and help me, my frined says its just really light, my b/f says that i could me like virgin mary, i doubt that sum1 please


j - November 15

If you haven't had s_x, you have nothing to worry about. Talk to your mom, a__sure her you've done nothing wrong. She just needs to take you to the doctor.


kaci - November 15

im so scared though, i always like touch my self, yeah know, but im so scared, i dont know what to do


EV - November 15

kaci, it's normal that you feel that way but this is your health and you should have your mom help you, remember she is your only true friend.


kaci - November 15

yeah true..my frined ashly told me i it happens to her and its normal


anonymous - November 15

i'm 16 and around 13 i would skip my period at times it's probably cause your irregular but it should go back to normal soon. one time i started my period and then the next i got it was 6 months later


kaci - November 15

so im disformed?????ami ???


v - November 16

you are fine trust me! there could be plenty of explanations to this,i am have about 4-5 periods a year...sometimes its just normal sometimes its other things...the best thing for you to do is go to a gyno...trust me it ok it happens to millions of women!!!


believe it - November 16

You may need to talk to a doctor. I am 17 and was wondering why my periods wasnt normal since i was 14. My doctor recently told me I had PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Look it up! I NEVER had s_xual contact but lord knows this is gonna make me infertile my doctor says. Imma have problems Getting pregnant. much luck 2 you hun ;)


j - November 16

You may also not be having your period due to your weight. Women who are athletes, who have low body fat and weight, tend to not have their periods, due to not having enough fat on their body. Go to the doctor and have it checked out. You can't get pregnant if you haven't had s_x.


kaci - November 16

its me how do i talk to my mom? they wont stick anythang up my yeah will they?


EV - November 17

KAci, probably, they are doctors, they know what they need to do. Leave it in their hands. Talk to your mom, let her know your situation, when she is not busy, sit down with her and tell her that you are not getting your period normal like you suppose to. she might question you, so what, you said that you are not having s_x.


kaci - November 17

yeah well still i dont know i might not even tell her


brit - November 17

if you are not having s_x, what is the big deal? just because you say you touch yourself does not mean you can pregnant, sperm is the only thing that can fertilize you. i have had irregular periods since i was 14 years old. i am 22 now, and the only thing that helps is the doctor. i was put on birth control, which acts as the hormone needed to regulate your periods. they may give you a papsmear, but that only hurts for a minute, during the procedure. after that, you are fine and your problem will be solved. your mom will not be mad at you. she will help you. it is not something to be embara__sed of. your mom could have had the same problem and may know how to help you, and maybe save a trip to the doctor. but, you do NEED to tell her. it is for your own good, and health.



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