I Am A Virgin Am I Just A Worry Wart

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Trina - June 28

I am a virgin and plan on waiting for s_x until I am married, I have been dating my best friend for 7 mos now and he really respects me and my decision to wait. We have messed around some which leads to my q's. We had dry s_x, I had my clothes off but he still had on PJ pants. I know that the risk of getting prego this way is pretty darn low. I guess my man didn't realize that pre-c_m (he thought it was just moisture) has sperm in it, Yesterday it dripped onto my tummy and rolled downbetween my legs between my leg and va___a. After last week when we messed around (we were on vacation) about every night doing something, I started feeling kinda nautious and my stomach has been feeling weird, as far as how you feel when you are ovulating but its been that way the past 5 or so days. Even last week if something happened and I did get preggers somehow or way, I woudln't be feeling anything a week later would I? From what I have said that we have done, could I have gotten prego? I talked to him about it, he is the sweetest guy and he tried to reassure me when both of our clothes were off, the few times they were he was more than a hands lenth away for "him" being around my va___a. Any advice would be most greatly appreciated.


~ - June 28

Hi Trina, you are probably not pregnant. Semen has to get inside of you for you (far inside of you) to become pregnant, and it does not sound that this has happened. Although you are most likely not pregnant, you may want to be more careful. Your boyfriend can use a condom to ensure that he keeps his fluids to himself. Also, since you are wanting to wait for s_x until you are married, you might want to think about how close you are getting to that line. If you are worried about being pregnant, that might be a sign that you are too close to that virignity line. Just something to think about :)



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