I Am Back

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cblack - October 2

So I am not a stalker anymore... I was on here back in July I think and was not trying... just thinking pregnancy could have somehow happened while I was on the pill.. but basically tracking everyone else's symptoms. We are officially trying this month. This is the first cycle of our baby-making... and I dont think I have even O'd yet. I am temping and using OPK's and according to both I havent O'd just yet... I am only on CD13 though, so maybe that is the reason? I am so FREAKIN' impatient!! Anyways... I finally decided to come back here because I loved this site when I was prego with DS back in '07.... Hopefully it will happen soon with this one, but then again who knows? :) Baby dust to all!!


gurinsa - October 2

Hi cblack. I am back too! I was on this site when I was pregnant w/dd in 07!! (I am still chattin with june 07 moms over on the toddler board). I had my first IUI yesterday ttc #2! So I am in the 2ww - will test on Oct 15. Hoping you ovulate soon girl!!!!


cblack - October 2

Thanks... DS was born September '07 so we are thinking about a second. I think I should O either tomorrow or Saturday according to last months charting. :) Good luck to you!! I cant believe how quickly the year went by with my first, and I hear it speeds up the more you have. How are you dealing with your lo being more of a toddler and less of a baby?


MelissaP - October 4

Hey callie!! Glad your back on the ttc boat..told you time would fly by, and here you are! I pray everything goas fast and smoothly with yout ttc process =)


cblack - October 5

Hey Melissa... How are you? How is the ttc going? Well... we have been bd'ing a TON... and I think I am ready for a break now... lol. Every day since CD9!!! Wow!! Thats a lot! Anyway... hopefully we caught the eggie... but we will see. The two week wait is absolutely AWEFUL... I am already hating it. I am on CD15 today and am already going crazy. I think I O'd yesterday according to my temps and the OPK... I guess we will soon find out. I think DH is going to go nuts buying all these OPK's and Pregnancy Tests though... he thinks they are ridiculously expensive, and I couldnt agree more. Hopefully we dont have to buy too many... :( But how is everything going in your world. What CD are you on? Hope everything is going well... :)



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