I Am Losing My Mind

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Emmy - April 10

I am so frustrated!!! I have had my last period on Feb. 13th. I am way LATE!! Even though my cycles varied a few days each month. The frustrating thing is I am almost 100% sure I am pregnant, but my HPT keep coming up negative. 1st I missed my period, secondly, my stomach is swollen and tight and third just recently my br___ts got like knots all in them and I feel like I can't get enough to eat. I told my husband all those tests were defective because I knew I was pregnant. I have a DR. appt this week, but I am out of my mind and was wondering if this is normal having all these symptoms and be pregnant and still test negative? How common is this? Will the Dr. test be accurate or not? HELP!!!


to emmy - April 10

Emmy, they always say to go with your intution. But sometimes when ttc, your mind/body can play tricks on you! Hormones make pms symptoms just like those for early pregnancy. I know, I have been two weeks late, felt pregnant, had all the signs, but then period came. Exactly how late are you, when was your period due? Depending on how late you are, your HPTs may not yet show positive. The blood test at your doctor's appt. should be very accuate. Good luck, I hope it is whatever you wish for!!


Emmy - April 10

I thought the same thing mayde it was my mind playing tricks on me, but there has been times before I thought I was pregnant but was not, however I am having symptoms that I did not have the previous times before. My period is about 3 weeks late!!


to emmy - April 11

Three weeks late is quite late. Let us know how your doctor's appointment goes!


stacey - April 11

there is an entire strand about this under pregnancy tests I believe. I was reading it the other day and many people seem to be going through this!


Cj - April 11

Emmy-I know how you feel my last period was on Feb 21st. I have however had 1 very faint + but all the test I have taken since have been -. My husband and I have been ttc for over a year now and I am going crazy.



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