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Tarianna - November 9

But I have a question. Here goes. I have three children, so I should know when I am pregnant. I SHOULD. lol. First child I conceived while on birth control pills, second we planned, third just happened to be one of those...oops, we didn't use anything...but I had my period so I thought I was safe...go to the dr and turns out I was 8 weeks along. So we had one of those accidental moments again, but I was pretty sure that we were safe, but turns out that 3 days before my period was supposed to start, I started spotting brown.... so I was 2 days late, I took a test, negative. My period still didn't come, but I was spotting a tiny bit brown here and there..... so 8 days into spotting and 5 days late, I get a tiny bit of red spotting, the next day kind of like a period (mind you mine have been HEAVY, HEAVY, like going through about 50 pads in 7-9 days of a period) and so this is kind of lighter than usual...so on day 10 of spotting I have what I would call a period, but then it stops and turns right back into light red spotting and then pink and goes away by day 13. I am now 2 weeks later and I am sick as a dog today feeling very nauseated and so tired I am having headaches. I am a VERY small person, so I have noticed severe swelling in my belly. If I don't have on tight enough jeans then it looks like I am about 3-4 months pregnant. Me and my husband are not trying to get pregnant but I have to know. Now I know I can go and take a pregnancy test but right now I can't get one. I lie too far from the store to just run out only for that, and I also will be with friends tonight and refuse to stop and get one...I would feel horrible because she has been TTC for about a year now and even on clomid. I know she would be upset. Anways I was wanting advice, cause I sure don't have anyone to talk to about this. My best friend just had a miscarriage and my other friend was the one mentioned above. And well, my kids are ages 1, 2 1/2 and almost 4. So everone would think I was insane for chancing anything. LOL!


mjvdec01 - November 9

who cares what everyone else thinks. Why don't you join our thread. - I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TALK TO. We can all talk there.


Grandpa Viv - November 9

Tired, nauseous, weird period, headaches, bloating are a good start. How about peeing, lotion dsicharge, diarrhea, dreams, runny nose, backache, appet_te, smells, foods, emotions, dizzy etc. Maybe after 3 kids you are so sued to it that there is little reaction, but some women say the first two were easy and this one is like WOW! Take a test some morning soon. Good luck!


Tarianna - November 10

well, I go to the dr next week to see...so until then my hubby doesn't want me to buy a test. How annoying. He said we are paying 30 to see the dr, why pay more. LOL! Right now the only things I think are weird is sre b___bs, teeth bleeding when I brush, extreme fatigue and headaches.



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