I Am No Longer Pregnant

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KIMBERLY - March 2

Hi girls. I wanted to thank everyone for all your help and kind words of wisdom. However... my doc called me this morning and told me that my blood test with my HCG count had dropped by 5000 points which means that the baby was not growing. I went for the u/s the other day and it said the sac was 5 wks 6 days. But i was just about 12 wks pregnant. However my doc says that i have to come in for a D&C on monday unless my miscarriage happens before. Thanks for all your kind words but... my husband and i will have to start trying again. Good luck to all of you and cherish the time you have being pregnant.


Kristina - March 2

I will be praying for you and your husband! Keep your chin up! xxxooo


kimberly... - March 2

Thank you Kristina!!! I am dealing with it the best i can. Good luck to you.


hou - March 2

sorry to hear that, I know your feeling , but probably this baby would not have been healthy...better try again...and try to forget this experience!!


La Rae - March 2

Oh no! I feel for you Kimberly...my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now. Please don't give up, and never give in! God Bless you!


For Hou and La Rae - March 2

Thanks for you kind words. I will try again but have a fear of not being able to concieve and this might have been my only chance. This is a hard one to over come because i was always told i could not get pregnant...then the doc i went to 2 months ago said kim there is no reason as to why you should not get pregnant. She said because you are... that was best feeling i could ever have at this point i just hope to get that feeling back again. good luck you to ladies... and cherish your lil ones.


mulgajill - March 2

I feel for you too.... and your doctor is right... there is NO reason you won't get pregnant again.... you have done it once, you can do it again.... look after yourself... xxx


Coco - March 2

Sorry Kimberly for the loss, i don't how it feels but i ampathy for u .Who knows u may have twins next time ! (God blesses as twice when u loose something precious !)


Heather - March 2

I am so sorry to hear that, you have my prayers. Maybe this one was for the best (health wise for both you & the baby). Keep trying & taking care of yourself & hopefully next time will be different.


momof3 - March 2

I'm sorry to hear that. You will be in my prayers. A friend of mine went through the same thing. She said it was easier to get pregnant after the first time. I think she had about four m/c and then finally she had her baby boy last year. So don't give up.


ME - March 2

Kim, I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you conceive again really soon. This may be a bad time to ask, but can someone tell me what a D&C is?


~m~ - March 2

Oh Kimberly, I'm sooooo very sorry to hear this! It is devastating, but keep your head up girl! I believe you will be blessed with a baby when the time is right! I will say a prayer for you. Take care of yourself, let your hubby wait on you hand and foot and just try to keep positive about trying again! ((((HUGS TO YOU))))


Smiley - March 2



Lindsey to Kimberly - March 2

I know what you're going through right now. I too, m/c in October. It's very painful but know that we are all here for you. I had a very hard time dealing with my m/c so I bought a star in remembrance of the baby. I got a certificate in the mail and a map of where to locate the star. It has given me some closure although I know it's sooo hard. My thoughts and prayers are with you honey. God bless you!


trixie - March 2

so sorry to hear tht kimberly... have faith...things will work out next time... lotsa of love n prayers for u n ur hubby


E - March 2

KIMBERLY - Just want to say I am thinking of you and so sorry for your loss. I hope your friends and family are taking good care of you during this horrible time. If not, you always have us:) Post all you want if you need support. XOXO


~m~ - March 2

Lindsey, that is a BEAUTIFUL gesture!! A star..... awesome!



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