I Am Not Sure If My Symptoms Are Normal Or Not BUT ANY ADVICE IS HELPFUL

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lil lady 1242 - June 5

Hello! I was wondering whether these are the right symptoms for a pregnancy or could it mean something else can you help me please(i am going to the doctorbut i would like to have opinions before i go) I am having off and on pelvic pains, lower back pains, headaches, cravings,and feeling nauseated, but my br___t doesn't hurt.i also sleep alot and get aggravated very easily. I saw my period but for only 5 days and the last day off the five it was very lite and kindish of brown ( my period usually lasts 7 full days).Is it possible that i am pregnant? Also is it possible that symptoms vary whereas some you don't have. P.S i was pregnant before but i miss carried :(


lil sheeky gal 23 - June 3

are there any answers out there?


Shona - June 3

I would get to the doctors asap - good luck


Shelly - June 3

Could be. It is common not to have b___st pain with a second pregnancy. The rest of your symptoms do sound like pregnancy. Have you taken a home pregnancy test? Good luck!


lil sheeky gal 23 - June 3

thanks for your answer you all feel free to answer still


Em - June 4

Your b___sts might start to become tender later on. Some people have delayed or none of the typical pregnancy symptoms. Sorry about your loss as well. I know how it feels. Stupid me took antibiotics because I thought I was sick, apparently I was pregnant and I realised this 4 days after i took the AB's. I wasn't planning on becoming pg then, so I had no idea. However, now that I do really badly want to become pg, I just cannn''''tttttt. It feels like it's taking forever (only been 2 mths). Good luck!!


celeste - June 5

Yes, symptoms are very tricky at times. Some you get and some you don't. With my one year old, I had nausea the whole nine months, But I never experienced sore or tender b___st until after delivery. You have the right symptoms, but they can also be confused with PMS. The only way to be sure is to take a test. Good luck at your appointment.


lil sheeky gal 23 - June 5

thnx for the responses



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