I Am Pregnant But To Scared To Tell My Parent

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babieazngirl - November 8

im 15 year old and i am pregnant..and im to scared to tell my parent.Last time i told them that i might be pregnant they make me get abortion and i dont want to. And i really want to keep this child. and i need help i want to go to a clinic but im scare they gonna telll my parent about it. and i cant get a pregnancy test. i think i am pregnant i got all of the sym. and i miss my period two month already..and i need help..can anyone help if you can just email me at. [email protected]


S - November 8

Before you approach your parents get a test first or see the doctors - make sure you have all the facts befoe you approach them. If you go to a family planning clinic they should be able to point you in to the direction of councelling to help you deal with your choices and parents. Good luck!


E - November 8

Bump. Everyone, help me with the bumps please.


Stacie - November 12

most clinics have a privacy policy. it is against the law for them to reveil information about patients. but in case you could just tell them that you want to be the one to tell them. they should respect that. just make sure it they ask an address, to give them one that's not your parents, i did that when i thought i might have been when i was 16.


E - November 12

Stacie is right. They cannot tell your parents. Sounds like you need some birth control if you are not pregnant. This is your second scare and if you are prego you plan to keep the baby? Then why are you afraid to tell your parents? If you are not taking precautions against pregnancy, you will get pregnant and will eventually have to tell them. It just doesn't make sense. If you were truly afraid, you would not be having these scares in the first place. Planned Parenthood will give you free birth control pills and WILL NOT tell your parents. Please consider this.


annaliese - November 13

what country are you in? in england they have the brook adivsory centers which are totally confidental. They will help you with a test and give you lots of good advice.


Audrey - November 13

If your parents told you to abort, I believe they were concerned about what effects a child would have on you and the family. Will having the child affect your progress in school? Does the baby's father know, and would he be willing to give you support? These are things you should think about too.


h - November 13

Why do you think you can't get a pregnancy test? You can buy them at the dollar store if you don't have much money. I agree with E that this makes no sense. If you can't deal with the consequences then you should certainly not be having unprotected s_x. How are you planning on keeping the baby if your parents can never find out?



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