I Am Scared Will Someone Help

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ready to quit ttc - April 27

if you are not sure you are pregnant and you start getting VERY intense cramps and heavy bleeding (with a smell) and you put on a pad; then when you go to change you pad 3 hours later you have a big blood clot with a string like substance attached to it. is it possible you just had a miscarriage? I am scared. I really want a baby


Steff - April 27

Is there any greyish tissue with the blood/clot?


helpful - April 27

I know to know more info. If the cramps get worst, go to the hospital. Let us know


Audrey - April 27

Ready to quit- It sounds to me that you might have been in the early stages of pregnancy but your body rejected it. I'd see your ob/gyn or go to the hospital pronto.


ready to quit ttc - April 27

me and my fiance want a baby. and we had intercourse on his birthday (3rd of april) and again on the 18th. I am o-rh- and he is o+. i knew if i would become pregnant i would need to get a shot but i was not supposed to start my period until yesterday. i didnt but this morning i bled. the cramps have been going on all day


Rainbow - April 27

If your period really was only due y/day then you would't be able to see any 'baby' material at all yet. It would all be far too tiny. The string like thing, wouldn't really be string would it? Any chance it could be a tampon string?? It's just that sometimes a tampon could have been forgotten or parts could have been left inside? If you continue to bleed a lot or it is very painful, then it'd probably be best to see your doc. Hope things are looking better for you though!


ready to quit - April 28

i have not worn a tampon for a VERY long time. I heard it was possible to have periods while you were pregnant from my cousin. She said when she was pregnant she had hers for 4 mos. Is that possible.? I do not know. I am not experienced in the pregnancy things. Ive been trying for 5 months and nothing has happened yet. I love my fiance and know we are going to be together. Thank you for the advice. It still hurts. I am going for an ultrasound today. Pray for me please



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