I Am Scared Now Please Help Me

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Cassie - May 4

I had a one night stand and am not on any kind of protection. About a week after s_x I started cramping real bad and thought I had started but it was just wet and a little dry brown on toilet paper. I continued to cramp for about a week and then I started bleeding bright red with no pain whatesoever but it was only on toilet paper when I wiped but it lasted for 3 days. At the end it turned pink. I then had a flu (no throwing up) just body aches. I decided to go to the doctor to find out what was causing my periods to be weird and to hopefully get something for the body aches. He then examined my br___ts and mentioned the veins on them. He said it sounded and looked like I may have conceived. He gave me a urine 3 weeks past s_x and it was negative. Since I didn't have insurance he held off on the blood test. He just told me to take another urine in a week. Well during this time I became very tired, waking up in middle of night to pee and I swear I am not ready for a baby so I was telling myself that I did all this before. But the veins on my br___ts got worse and I bought another test at 5 weeks past s_x and it was negative. After this I started getting this wet discharge that would rush out of me. I was starting to get scared. This wet discharge has continued for the past 3 weeks but I still started my period on the 24th. It was clotty and had very many cramps. It only lasted two days and ended with pink spotting again. The day it ended the wet discharge picked up again like it had never ended. It is still here, kinda creamy but like water and this is now 7 days past my period. It will be about 2 months since s_x in the middle of May and all tests are negative. The problem now is that the veins on my br___ts are going away, so it seems. They have been here since about two weeks after s_x and there is still one huge 3-D one but the others appear lighter than they did before. Was this just a hormonal thing? Veins on br___ts for almost 2 months although still there somewhat and all this wet discharge. I also woke up with horrible back pain and have been having sharp pains shoot through top of butt. Some lady at school told me that is where my sciatica nerve is. I don't feel pregnant now because of the bleeding and the veins going away and all tests are negative. So was this all just a fluke that just happened to happen right after I had unprotected s_x? I am so confused, so scared and so unsure of what to do next. Just wait and see if I start to show? or what?


KEEKEE - May 4

Hi, the only advice I can give you is to go to planned parenthood. The clinic will give you a blood test. You also need a Ob/gyn exam to rule out pregnancy. Are you under your parents insurance? Sorry to say. It sounds like you have early pregnancy signs. Such as the discharge, veins on b___sts, back pain, peeing alot( which normally starts at around 8 weeks along). I would see a doctor asap.You all ways have options. In order to use your options. You need to see the doctor. ( No backlash Please Ladies) Good Luck!!


Audrey - May 4

Ca__sie- You seem to be experiencing a lot of early pregnancy signs. If the s_x occurred about a week after the end of your period then you have cause to worry. However from what you've said there's a possibility that you had an early miscarriage that you thought was a period, and your body is trying to get back to normal. See your doctor or ob/gyn to make sure that everything is kosher.


Ca__sie - May 4

I was wondering about the early miscarriage thing too but wouldn't I have gotten a positive at first? Also why would I still have this wet discharge if I already miscarried? And the back pain is still here also. You two are great in answering me. Thank you. I did have s_x two weeks prior to when I started having crampless bright red and pink bleeding. Was that when I was ovulating? So does it sound like miscarriage? I also have heartburn real bad even now. And the headaches have subsided.



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